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Cello Portions of Death and Transfiguration by Strauss

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I'm looking to isolate the cello portions of Death and Transfiguration by Richard Strauss. Is there any way to do this with a software or is it possible to find recordings of big pieces like this that are broken into each instrument? I know that there are recordings out there that give you the original mastered tracks of each instrument for rock bands, but I'm not sure if they do this for big pieces like Death and Transfiguration. Any help is much appreciated!


Here is the song for anyone who's curious:


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You mean like somehow magically eliminate all the other instruments and leave only the cello line? May work on Star Trek but not in real life. The phenomenon of sound is so complex that doing this seems next to impossible. Why would you want to do this anyway? If you want to hear just the cello part why not download the actual part from imslp.org and play it or enter it into notation software and have the computer play it? BTW, I've played the bassoon part on this several times in different orchestras, and it doubles the cello line frequently. And it's a bitch!

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The reason I ask was because a friend of mine was trying to learn the cello part of this piece and was having a hard time with the rhythm of it, so we wanted to see if there's an audio version of the cello online to listen to and get a better grip of it. I figured that it will be practically impossible to isolate the specific instrument out of all the others but there have been rare occasions where I've seen people isolate certain frequencies. What I was really hoping for was that there would be a pre-recorded "master" version of this piece with all the instruments done separately. There are plenty of different recordings of studio albums out there that record the instruments separately and offer each instrument as a separate track. I found Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in this format; it was quite interesting!


I don't have any access to notation software which is why I couldn't use it. Do you have any suggestions for good (preferably free) software?

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Sure: www.musescore.com is very good - and free. But what your friend should do is arrange a lesson with a pro who can teach him/her to play it. That's how all of us who play classical learned. A teacher can show you the nuances and "tricks" to make it possible to play things that seem impossible. Strauss' music is notoriously difficult for everyone.

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I'm not sure how helpful this is for classical music, but Capo is *really* helpful for guitar players for taking a song and learning the music from it: http://supermegaultragroovy.com/products/Capo/  It's pretty amazing.

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