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Upgrading from stock apple headphones- under $30

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Ive been looking around for a pair of earbuds to take with me, my apple ones were ruined in the washer. I am looking for a pair centered around bass, but I dont want a big bloated "boooooom" I would rather have a good controlled one that is still emphasized. From what I am able to hear from the apple headphones, bass is pretty much non existent. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 options, the MEelectronics M9 and the SoundMAGIC PL21's. Some reviews say the MEE M9 is terrible bloated and isnt really a tight sound, and the soundmagic's dont really seem to get an praise from the bassheads.
Since I am upgrading from stock headphones, ill probably be happy with both. But which pair will boast both increased bass while managing to keep the quality of it good? I must say I like the PL21's a little better, but if the M9's dont have as bloated bass as what I have heard, I would go with those since they are $5 cheaper on amazon.

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Apple EarPods for the WIN!!!
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I'm looking for something bassier than that. I think I have narrowed i down to the MEE M9 and the JVC HA FX101.

I think they will both have enough bass, so which one has better bass quality, and sound quality overall? I also like the MEE because it is a unique brand nobody at my school has

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I'd get the JVC. In my opinion, they just blow away the M9's..I never really enjoyed any of my Meelec iems. Most seemed to have a fit and driver flex issue that just really annoyed me...

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Is buying a bassy set of headphones like the JVC going to take away (significantly) from the overall sound quality?

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Surprisingly the bass doesn't take much away. I was really impressed with the IEM, it would be my go to set right now if I hadn't given the pair to my brother who actually also has the M9 but never uses them... If you havent done so yet, I suggest looking at the JVC FX101 discovery thread, you'll see lots of impressions on there. These iems are actually comparable to the FX40s which are supposed to be the best sounding IEMs available in this price range.

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Just got a pair of Vsonic GR-02 Bass Editions...as the name suggests, they aren't short on bass and with different tips, mids and highs are pretty decent too. $36 shipped off ebay.

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you have a few options. you should check out the headphone discovery thread. There's a lot of good headphones at your price range. I recomend the fx40s and the tt isurus. The fx101s are also good though.



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Are the mee M16's decent?
I may just end up going with the Koss KSC75, I found my other pair of headphones and need a pair for running... But my apple headphones also work decent for running. IDK what I will do, if i find the apple ones decent enough for running, I will go with either GR99 (if i can find them at a good price) PL21, JVC, or M16


edit: are these any good?


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Actually, I think I am going to shift my focus away from bass, and more towards overall sound quality. So I think my 2 best choices are the MEE M16 and the PL21. I also decided I do not need another pair of headphones for running, I will use my apple ones for that. SO for under $20 on amazon, what is the best pair of IEM's I can get? I am going to purchase probably thursday, I've got something for sale on ebay (the money I get from it is what I am buying the headphones with)

I may also be able to extend my budget to something as expensive as the SoundMAGIC E10's


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+1 for the FX40. Let it burn in for a bit and its a great iem

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They sound better than all the others in your price range. I think these will be a big upgrade even before burn in.

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They are a little more expensive then the MEE M16 and the PL21. Would they still be better? I have big ears, and the JVCs dont look like they would fit/isolate as well as the other two models. Its not as long.
I can't decide between the M16 and PL21... The M16's have an inline remote, which I like... Are the JVC's that much better?

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Monoprice 8320. 7$ and great.
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 I have abnormally big ears and the jvcs seal well with the stock tips, they come with 4 sets of tips. I got some sony hybrids for mine but i dont think it makes much of an impact in the sound.

The jvcs are $16.99, they all cost about the same.



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