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Another what in the hell should I buy thread.

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I love my DT 990 Pros (250ohm), but just destroyed them. =/


Unfortunately, they seem rather fragile. I had them sent in once to fix a buzzing noise I was hearing in one of the speakers, but that problem recurred. I don't to music at a level that would be considered too loud (I rather like being able to hear), and have treated them fairly well, but still that buzzing happens.


Last night I was rather drunk, and the buzzing was pissing me off, as it has gotten worse lately, so I opened up the speaker and found that it had a very soft plastic cap over the speaker that was most likely the cause of it, and it was collapsed. In my drunkeness I decided to blow into the holes in the back (not very hard mind you) to bring it back to its original shape, and that speaker stopped working. It is out of warranty (not like theyd repair it anyways), and I can't figure out what in the hell went wrong with it, so now Im looking for a new set, and Im looking for suggestions. Here are my requirements:


Music preference: Metal primarily, but do listen to rock, dubstep, techno, even stuff like *coughcelticwomancough*

Need to be able to hear small details for gaming (Im pretty good at sound positioning.. gets me banned a lot)

Decent bass (at least similar to the 990s)

Under $200

Biggest problem: From NewEgg. Im poor right now, and have like $200 left on NE credit, so itll have to be from there.
Dont care if theyre open or closed, but they must be circumaural and comfortable for long listening periods.. I spend many, many hours each day with them on.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Man, for that price, nothing is gonna touch the DT990 Pros. If you loved them, you should get another one, and hopefully the next one won't be as fragi;le. Those Beyers are actually sturdy. You just got a defective one, it seems.
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Well, Im not sure if the one they returned to me was mine or a new one. I don't remember how it went down, but I ended up with 2 DT990 boxes.

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Honestly, if you loved their sound, I'd get them again. I highly doubt anything compares at the under $200 price range.
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Ah screw it.. I found em for $169 at B&H w/ free shipping.. damned BillMeLater, just what I needed, more debt.


Thanks. =P

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Lol, I totally understand. I use my Amazon Store Card. :'(
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