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Should I get the Audio-gd Ref-10 Amp/Dac/Preamp or the Schiit Mjolnir+Gungnir combo?

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I currently own a modded pair of Denon D5000, Audez'e LCD2 R2, and Grado SR325 (the gold one). I can't really seem to decide which to get, and I can only afford one of the two above options (although I am open to other set-ups, but my budget is about 2k). Can anyone help me decide which to get. I currently run of my iMac (using Amarra), optical out (I can easily use something else if someone has a good argument to do so) and listen mostly to metal, some electronic and some orchestral music (Like some of the fun stuff by Danny Elfman).

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

P.S. What interconnects would you recommend if I went with either set-up?

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I wish I had your problem!

Both setups are top class and will deliver breathtaking sound quality. Both can drive all of your cans without any sweat. Both have pretty good warranty terms.

The Schiit setup may be better for optical connections, while if you want to switch to USB then the agd 10.32 may have an edge. 

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Both are amazing and I doubt that they will disappoint you. I vote for the schitt combo because from my opinion. It looks better and I recently read a mini review that the schitt high end can drive a variety of headphone nicely.
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There's some interesting gear lately, the upcoming Burson Conductor seems promising. Amp section of the soloist and a new dac chip. 

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I can't say I've ever really heard of them. Do interconnects make a big difference on quality? Would it be better to just go with the ref 10 to avoid having to use interconnects?

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A one box soultion is a good by.  The Audio-gd products have been getting good reviews for a few years now.  The Ref. 10.32 "should" have the better USB implemetation: Noticed I said should.  


Also the Ref. 10.32 has the best flexibility if that's what your looking for.  4-pin balanced and SE outputs and more different type of inputs including a BNC and a balanced input.  


The thing I find interesting about audio-gd is they like to keep up with the changes in technology and sometimes provide an upgrade path to current owners of their products.


The Condutor should be great as well - Sound quailty wise.  Less flexible IMO.  With only a SE ouptup.  Not sure about the USB input.


The MJ / GN combo "might give you the best in SQ"  this is of course subjective.  I have none of these.  But I have done plenty research on the products.


As one person said the audio-gd stuff is not to good looking.  But so what.

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I appreciate good design regarding looks.  I have had a lot of audio-gd stuff and when on the rack I think it looks fine.  The thing about their cases is that they are bomber-thick, heavy and have a quality feel.  A look inside and their stuff is even more impressive.  The parts and the way they are laid out almost have an artistic appeal to them.  I haven't heard or seen Schiit stuff in person but their stuff looks very pleasing to the eye and the sound seems to be in high regard here on head-fi.  They also have an upgrade path with their DACs.  I considered the Schiit M&G combo but went for a Ref 10.32 instead.   

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For SQ the Schiit stack. But as the prep man said " Ref 10.32 has the best flexibility"

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I have the Phoenix and it's not as good as my B22.  The Ref-10 is going to have some strong similarities to the Phoenix.  My Mjolnir is possibly as good, and sometimes better, than my B22.  Ipso facto, the Schiit stack is probably as good as it gets for $1500.  Also, stacked, they're quite compact, although you do have to buy interconnects.  

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