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Beyerdynamic 770pro or 880pro with Fiio E11 Amp

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hi everybody, I'm new to this forum

I'm looking forward to buy a new set of headphones, I only own some AKG480 NC and now I decided I want an around ear set of headphones. I'm looking at this two headphones both from Beyerdynamic: 770 PRO and 880 PRO. I don't really care about the looks, I just want a good set of cans that can have a bass as strong or loud as beats studio (I mean, only the bass, because I do really like the rumbling of it) but that does not fails in the mids and highs as the beats do. Also I'm willing to buy a portable headphone amp such as E11 so it can drive these 250 Ohm's headphones and also sort of give them that bass I want to "feel" so much. Thank you attention, and I must say I do not like beats by any meas, I just wanted to take them as a reference, I like a bass as "powerful" (If it can be considered like so) as beat's but I hate any other part of them.

Sorry for the bad English.

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I mean, my idea is buying any of those headphones and the amp so that it boosts the bass in the cans. Also, if you have any recommendation about which headphones to buy or what to do, I would really appreciate if you tell me; Also I've heard about the V-Moda Crossfade LP, Are those a good option as well? (Btw: my headphones are going to be driven mainly by my iPhone 4S and my MBP)

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The DT990 (open) are the bassy model, full bass & full treble.

The DT880 (open/semi-open) are more balanced.

DT770 are the ones to get to block noise.

I wear my DT880s a lot more then my DT770s and DT990s.

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Since you a fan of big bass, the DT 770 meets your requirements.  The DT 880, former Beyer flagship,  is a much better can for most other needs.

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