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A friend of mine is selling me either STREET 50's In ear headphones by 50 cent or Ultimate Ear 600's (non vi)

Both are priced at 50$. I've read reviews about the Street 50's being good durability however the sound quality itself is average. It uses a 11mm Dynamic driver (Not 100% Sure what that means) 


I've also read that the UE 600's are single balanced armature and the sound quality is above average however I'm not exactly too sure about the build quality.

To be honest Im the kind of guy who wraps his earphones around his Ipod and put it into his pocket, which I have heard is not recommended but it's habit.


But what I want to know is which one would be worth it more. I decided to post it on this forum full of audio experts so I'm hoping for some good advice.


Or are neither of them worth it at this time because they are outdated etc.


Again both are priced at 50$


I'm not really a heavy bass kind of guy however I do listen to a variety of Dance, Techno, Trance, House... etc. Pretty much every electronic genre of music. I also listen to a variety of 

drum and bass. 


Also I am using UE Metrofi 170's so will I even notice any difference?


-From the everyday commute music guy beyersmile.png