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Monster: Jamz / Gold / Copper

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Hey all, I'm looking for some express advice here, as I am buying my first IEM's tomorrow. I am choosing between Monster Jamz, Monster Turbine, Monster Turbine Pro Gold or Monster Turbine Pro Copper.


These are the prices I am buying at:

Jamz: $27.00 (+control talk)

Turbine: $50.00

Gold: $157.00

Copper $213.00


My situation is, I want a good pair of IEM's to listen to while I play poker. I have a fiio e17 dac surprisingly, which I have not used but can try out with my ipod. I like bass heavy music mostly.


If the Jamz will do a good job, saving the extra money will make sense. I'm not against buying the most expensive of the models, though only the jamz are offered to me with control talk. What would you do?


Am I really getting my money's worth on spending the $213? That's like 10x the price of the Jamz and the refinements may be lost on me.


Again, this is my first IEM and am just looking for some quick advice. My head has been spinning with all the differing review and opinions I am hoping for some finality here :)


If you love saving money but equally love having the best, how can you decide?


Two outcomes that will make me a satisfied buyer:

A) Buying the $27.00 Jamz and realizing the sound is good and I just saved $200.

B) Buying the copper and realizing the sound is orgasmic and other people around me need to take off their cheap IEM's and check out mine.


Whichever of the two above scenarios seem more realistic, that is where my decision will lie. Which is more realistic all, A or B?



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Each progressive step up will definitely be better.  It's entirely up to how good you want it to be.  The Turbines are pretty good, but I haven't actually heard anything else in the series...

From what I understand the Golds have the most bass and the Coppers are the most balanced but still have gobs of bass.  It's just up to how  much you want to spend, I guess.  I think Monster might also have a good return policy so you could just buy say two of them and see which one you like the most, then return the other?  (might wanna look into their return policy, at any rate)

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That just gave me inner peace. I shall pick up jamz (2 pairs even) and gift one and test the other.. the sale ends tomorrow  so it's good timing. Thanks for the help.

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Will using the fiio e17 alpine still be worth using on the Jamz model?

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have the coppers. Amazing iems for their price point. Though I'm sure you could probably get it cheaper around 100 - 150. If your a bass head I think you'll enjoy the coppers. Plenty of bass without sacrificing everything else. Paired with the fiio e17 should be a awesome match especially since you can add more bass.
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