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Popping sounds

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Bought an Zero 09 with usb for about a moth ago..



I got pop sounds after some time (10 hours), headset was then Sennheiser Hd 497. ( OPA 627 dual )


Now i bought genuine LT1361, ( single). Plugged it in, and the sound was great for about 1 hour, and now i got popping sounds all time listening to music.. Now my headset is upgraded to Bowers & Wilkins P5.



I dont know what to to with this.. I have tried optical as source too, but it is just the same popping sounds.



Does someone know? :/

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Whats your source? if using a pc do you have the latest drivers? have you checked the cables? 

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Using a Laptop as pre. source. Have tried 2 different usb cables, tried take out the power supply (on laptop), have tried a few CD players with optical out, Ps3 on optical, every source make pop and krackle sounds.


BUT, sometimes the pop / krackle sounds disappear, and i get clean sound. But i cant find any pattern when this happend :( 

It can be clean sound when i play ps3, but without touching the Zero, the sound goes over to pop and krackle sounds in game. The same is happening connected to Laptop. 


* Its the same with Sennheiser and Bowers & Wilkins headset btw.



AND, when i turn off the headphoneamp on the Zero, and then turn the volume to 3/4 i can hear pop / krackle sounds on the headset.   


I don't understand mad.gif

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The same pop and krackle sounds it coming out LINE OUT too... btw

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