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Best Denon Headphones for Street use?

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I have used many headphones brands over the years

for Street use quality mostly Koss,Sennheiser and Sony


Currently I use Sennheiser PX100 II which is great for Pop and some Bassy Dance music, and yea i'm a basshead.


Recentnly i got Denon D5000 (jena cabled with furutech conector) 

Sound was So mindblowing i now also consider to go Denon for Street headphones.


Thing is I don't want it too heavy or too big for daily use


Been looking what Denon has to offer today



AH-D 510R


I find 600 to pricey for outdoor headphones, for that price i could import D2000 from Japan and shorten the cable

it will however be big :)


1100 and 510R is okey in price but again are they maybe too big for outdoor use?


What Denon headphones is the one to be used for outdoor use?


My use:

Coupled with Cowon Mp3 player

Music mostly Pop and dance (basshead)
Mp3 320kbps 100db  (havent made the leap to flac yet because of album art)

Love to have the music at Max (that means 40 on cowon hehe)

for everyday use walking or sitting in park


While i am used to bendable headphones like sennheiser i think i might acept non-bendable

if the quality of Denon give me is Excelent

I know i will not get as good sound as the D5000 outside, but i sure could improve the sound over the Sennheiser PX100


What i want is Excelent sound not just great

And once i am ready to move over to Flac i want the perfect combination for headphones also

(which also may give perfect sound for those 320kbps mp3 too)


Should i Go for Denon for street use

or is there realy better option out there?


Pricewise i prefer not going over 200 euro realy as outside use

Most headphones i buy for street use tend to be around 80 euro or so but i am willing to pay upto 200


So to make this question Short


I want some Good streetheadphones around 200 euro price tag that sound a bit like D5000

That is for me perfect for my music

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There isn't a good street worthy Denon in the price range you seek I'm afraid.


That said, you could look into a MrSpeakers Mad Dog modded T50RP. It's a lot like what you're looking for sound wise. Very efficient. Good isolation. Durable headphone too, so no worries while out on the street.


Very best,

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Okey So Denon headphones for outdoor use is not realy worth considering?

That Mad dog Look very good , driver is made by Fostex right so sound a bit like Denon?

Is there any store selling theese in Europe ? 


What is the difference between the Modded Maddog vs the original Fostex  T50RP

Will i still be happy if i pick the original Fostex instead?

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Which is best
the New Mad dog+leather dog pads + comfort strap

or the old one?

Considered i listen to lot of bass music

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Originally Posted by Thoth View Post

Which is best
the New Mad dog+leather dog pads + comfort strap

or the old one?

Considered i listen to lot of bass music

which is best? if you read the info contained within the links that you posted, you'll find your answer.

(that same info also mentions that these are not bass-head headphones)

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Well maybe i'm looking for some Bass headphones i don't know , just want some that sound similar to Denon D5000 somehow

similiar, cheaper and more flexible for outdoor use

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I am looking for a mobile headphone thats closed and good quality. I am curious as to which ones are better. The NEW mad dogs look like it just has custom pads rather then the shures they used before. 



edit: I wonder though, for the price of the new mad dogs, they reach into the budget of a used d600. I think the d600s could be an ok mobile headphone. 

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D1001 or Creative Aurvana Live could fit the bill, because they encorporate the same Fostex drivers, which is one of the best on the market i think, only a little smaller - 40mm. 

BUT! They do leak sound, and this makes them impossible to use on the street without disturbing others.

If judge by design, i do like AKG K550, they look sleek and sexy, perfect if you prefer classic or casual style in dress. But they don't have that capable drivers, bass can be unsufficient for you, if you used to Denon house sound.

Recently released UE6000/9000 can be your choice, because they have (though not all that effective) noise-cancellation circuitry, and produce decent bassy sound. They do look stylish too, but can be too stylish for some. Here is the review: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/surprisingly-good-logitec-ue6000-and-ue9000

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If you can stretch your budget to 255 euro.






I have no idea if they ship internationally though.

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