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I would be willing to spend the extra on the E-Q5 if it is really worth it, but one of my problems with the Klisch S4s was that they sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed on songs with lots of instruments and sounds so I would prefer something with a larger soundstage, which headphones/earphones would have the best seperation?

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The e-Q5 doesn't ever sound congested like the S4, I had the S4 and know what you mean.  The imaging and instrument separation is really good on the e-Q5 so complex music sound quite nice with them.  Really most higher end IEM aren't going to sound congested like the S4 so you really don't have to worry about that to much.


I've compared the e-Q5 to my friends W4 and they held up really well next to the W4 as far as the SQ and they're built like a tank so you should have no problems there and since the housing is made out of aluminium they're not heavy either.  Its a quality IEM and priced will well for the what you get imo, Musica Acoustics has them for $198.99 with free shipping.


Anyway good luck on your search and hope you find the right one for your needs.

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I really am liking the e-Q5s after reading some reviews but there design is a bit odd, are they comfortable and how do you usually wear them, also would you recommend picking up an amp with them, how well does the E11 work with them?

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They're very comfortable and I wear mine down and not over the ears but you can wear them like that as well.  They stay in very well also and since your ears at an angle the cable doesn't really stick out or look funny.


As far as an amp you really don't need one with them, even though they have an impedance of 40 ohms they're very easy to driver.  I have a FiiO E6 and E11 so I just always use an amp but they sound fine with out one.

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So if you had to chose between the E-Q5s and the HD-25 II, what would you recommend?

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Well since I don't really listen to over ears I'd go with the e-Q5 for sure.  I think they probably have more over all detail and micro detail and besides them having a little bit better SQ I think they're more practical because they're small block out noise and are more comfortable over a long listening session.  I think you'd enjoy the e-Q5 and not be disappointed at all so that's my recommendation.

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Okay, sounds good, I will probably end up purchasing the E-Q5s at some point in the next few weeks, I'll do some shopping around to see what the best price is.  Thank You so much for all of your help as there are so many choices in my price range, but I am confident now that these will work well for me and will hopefully last a long time.

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They should have no problem lasting a long time.  As far as price Musica Acoustics is the cheapest you can get unless you buy a used pair which you can find them for around $160 or so.  They're a very good choice and have become my one of my favorite IEM's.


Here's the product page at Music Acoustics if you want to check them out, they have free shipping but for $10 you can get them in about 5 days.



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