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I'm new here, from Sweden.

I've been looking both here and allover the web, searching a tube amp for me.

I would prefer a tube only amp, but I've been glancing on some hybrids too.

I'm prepared to spend about $1000 on a good amp.
(And a big plus would be multiple inputs and the possibility to use it as a preamp.)

The tube amps I've looked at:

Schiit Valhalla
Seems to be a great amp, but with my price range, maybe I can get something better?

Woo audio WA 6 SE
Seems also to be a great amp but the WA2 is possible to has the big plus mention earlier.

Woo audio WA 2
Seems to be the One for me, but I've read that it has some hum and nosing going on?
And possible not as tubey sound as the WA 6 SE, but more dynamics.
And how is it as a preamp?

The hybrids:

Vincent KHV-1
My local dealer has Vincent, but not this one at home, and he recommends it (off course),
But I don't find too many opinions about it.

Schiit Lyr
Seams to be a great amp, but again my price range is higher.

Does the hybrids give anymore dynamics then the pure tubes?

Hope someone can help me =)