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Neutrality, pft!  I admit it, friends. I like to tweak my sound.  Give me color!!


Blasphemy, I know. But all the same, the biggest plus for me about my E17 is the sweet, clean bass and treble mods I can make with the push of a button on the E17's EQ.  I find it much easier to use, and with far less distortion than EQ in foobar.  Maybe I'm not doing EQ right, or just don't have the patience for it, but that's been my experience.  I can also get to where I want the sound much faster with E17, and I don't have to spend hours messing with Electr-Q and not listening.  


That said,  I've been wanting to acquire a decent mid-range desktop DAC, since I nearly always listen to my rig at home.  Something in the price range of PS Audio Digital Link III, or thereabouts.  But obviously I'd rather not go back to hours of EQ in foobar if I don't have to.


So. Is there a desktop DAC that offers this same kind of functionality, or something similar?  Or, perhaps would work better with foobar EQ, if I wanted to tweak like I do with my E17?  Thanks in advance!