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I'm GETTING ONE OF THESE- PLEASE VOTE?!?!?! (hdj2000/akg550/athm50s..)

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I've read everything on this forum for about 2 weeks now.  Thank you in advance for your help.  I'm torn bettween these headphones and I am ready to purchase.  I am a musician and listen to all types of music.  I will be producing some electronic music soon so thats the need for the style of headphones these are (with rotations and folding capability).  However, I listen to rock and singer song writer stuff about as often so vocals and instrimentation are important.   I like a good soundstage.  I like it loud but not off a brick wall...Loud like live in a small show.  Looking to spend $250 or less.  Thanks again- here are the finalists...     


1- Pioneer HDJ2000

2- AKG 550K

3- ATH M50S

4- AKG K167 (depending on your reviews when analyzed)

5- Should I even consider the Vmoda's with this group? 



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Definetely the pioneer. I own Dt1350, senn 558, sony XBA-4, Senn px-100, Tma-1 and by far the most fun, comfortable and enjoyable is the pioneer. May be it is not the best on specs but it is so comfortable and sounds so right. I have heard the Akg 555 and the audio technica M50 but even i prefer the beyer or the senn before those.

By the way for producing an djíng i think the pioneer sound a lot like the best clubs i have played.

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Thank you for your thoughts. 


Any others????

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Dj 2000
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KRK KNS 8400.


Very best,

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What about the logitech ue6000, tyll has a very high opinion of them


see his review here



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I'm in the same boat as you but I own the V-MODA M-100s.  If I were you I'd be comparing these two headphones.


Pioneer is a slam dunk though, they are always spoken of as tremendously comfortable, very DJ friendly I can't believe they have a mono summer on the cans. 


Tough call..if you DJ pioneers are more practical but the M-100s can be customized with a dope logo on your earphone.


But this a brand new line of headphones. 


I would go Pioneer.....I posted in the basshead forum basically asking what you can put up against it (m-100 an reloop -20 is all I could tink of)

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