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HE-500 Amp/Dac Combo?

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Hey guys,


Is there an amp/dac integrated combination you would recommend for the HE-500? Does anyone have any experience with these headphones and the O2+ODAC combo? Any recommendations are appreciated. Price range is around $400 but I can be flexible if it is worth it. I would prefer a 2 in 1 combo because I don't want 2 separate items.


I am not too well versed in Amps/Dacs so I appreciate any input. If it has to be a separate amp and dac which one should the larger range of the funds go towards?


I have also read the Schiit Asgard and Lyr are good amps with the HE-500 but then I would need a separate DAC. I would prefer the 2 in 1 combo but if there is no good option I will consider this.



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I asked the same question a few days back, hope you'll get more responses then I did.

I'm also not too familiar with DAC/Amps but here's some suggestions around 400.

Matrix Mini-I:


NuForce Icon HDP:



Currently I'm using Fubar IV Plus with my HE500, and it seems decent, although admittedly, I don't have anything to compare it with.

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Mad Lust Envy is selling his NFB-5 for $300 over in the sale forums. A brand new one is $425+ direct from Audio-GD. Might be worth checking out. The amp has gobs of power and the dac is a very well respected dual Wolfson setup with filters for oversampling.


I used to own the NFB-12 back in the day and was quite impressed with it's feature set and SQ. This is the step up version with a better power supply, nicer casework, and digital buttons in place of the analogue switches.

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I recently purchased a Burson Audio Conductor SL 1793 from parts connexion. It is on sale for $599 and the 9018 is $749. It pairs very well with my HE 500s. It has 2 watts and a good DAC in one chassis. The difference between the two is the sound of the DAC. The 1793 is warm and musical and the 9018 is detailed and quick. I am very happy with this pairing.
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