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For Sale: [FS] AMB Mini3 and AMB m3

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€350 (EURO) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
[FS] AMB Mini3 and AMB m3

Will Ship To: Europe

I sell two well known amps that I in the end do not really use
- Un AMB M3 + s11 : not really beautiful externally but internally it has all the bells and whistles, UPOCC Silver wire, neutrik jacks, high end powersupply, variable bass boost, and OPA changed from stock to higher end ones,
Gain of 11  
Opamps : 627/637 
Cabling : UPOCC Silver 
Jack : Neutrik 


Come with European plug
- Un AMB Mini3 : beautiful, very full sounding. Drives my DT880, little brother of the M3, built by MrX here on HFi


Comes with French / European wall plug from Farnell ( and yes they do charge nearly as much as the amp for shipping :D )




Amps can be of course bought seperately if you make an offer !


( Please send mails I rarely check here... )



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Bumpity Bump

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Is the AMB m3 still available?
If yes, is it possible to ship it to Athens, Greece?
What will be the price for it only (without the mini3)?

Thanks in advance
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Oh man I'm so sorry, I never actually was notified of your post!


So after 1 year delay : yes it's still available !



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