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Preamp question

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I searched and didn't find a clear answer, only alot of jargon...


If a speaker has hi impedance, does that mean it'll have weak volume when not preamped? I have a tube guitar amp, and as far as I know, "driving" the amp does bring out the true characteristics of the amp, along with wicked loud volume. At extreme volumes it obviously clips...


I recently purchased a pair of Beyer Dt1350's, 80 ohm impedance.


Will a laptop output "drive" it to a listenable volume? What about iPhone?


I've noticed that people still buy preamps even though their sound source pushes out enough output to drive the speakers to a listenable volume.....then why would they buy a preamp, which would only color the sound? Why buy a pair of cans + moot preamp when they can just buy a pair of cans that is already voiced to their liking?


Thanks for dealing with my naïveté...

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80 ohms isnt that hard to drive,its mostly the 250 beyers and the 300 sennheisers that need amps, so i think (only think) that your beyers should be able to archive suitable listening volumes (unless you are a very loud level listener)
then again amps cause a better grip of the voice coil, normal results are a better bass extention, better soundstage and better clarity,
some amps are transparent, dome amps have eq in them (like the fiio E6 and a few other fiio amps)

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what is voice coil and bass extension? And how would an amp improve the soundstage? Clarity, i think i understand.


Also, why would someone use a tube preamp? I feel like that the type of tube would totally color the sound...


I don't understand the need for a tube preamp... without a DAC i guess.


From my guitar background, I know that the electromagnetic signal is analog, so the signal being passed through a pushed amp would really bring out the characteristics of the amp's and its voicing... as well as the general tone of the guitar.


How this applies and is beneficial to a digital signal, i don't know. Isn't the aim of the audiophile to be able to get the most natural, unaltered sound?

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voice coil is the part of the dynamic driver that has many coils of thin copper wires in a magnetic field, when voltage passes through it, it moves, pushing and pulling the diaphrame making soind

tube is an older technology, and it gives warmph to the headphone, good for cold and bright headphones to be tamed down and made more warm

since your signal is analog, you don't need a DAC i guess, just an amp, to get higher volumes out the speaker end

and no everyone percieves sound differently, if not everyone would just buy a HD800 since its neutral and has excelent detail
but some want different characteristics for their listening pleasure, so people buy different headphones, what's good for me may be too bassy or harsh for you

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Thanks alot for the clear up.... much appreciated

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