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Are all AKG headphones crap?

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I have tried several K450, K550 , K701 and a few others and i have been disappointed with all of them. I was hoping the K550 would be a good dual purpose can but it sounded veiled to me with very little bass at all. The K430 has the same veil, its like someone has wrapped the sound up in a sports sock and everthing is smeared a little and the edges have been blunted. This is just my opinion , YMMV. Can anyone tell me an AKG with deep bass and clarity?
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If you have A class integrated speaker amp or monos, try K1000, however an cheap T amp, such as TrendsAudio, will drive them with ease, but not with the same results.


Another option would be K340, but you need some powerfull amp to grive them to.


Both classics and not in production, but clarity and deep bass are there.


Problem with driving AKG are well known up here, so, maybe this was one of the issues?

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Can anyone tell me an AKG with deep bass and clarity?


If you dont like their sound sig then move on i would say, the K701 is where their sound is at, and from my time auditioning it with my own amp I found the detail to be clear and the bass present where it was needed, IMO its their best can, however if that is not to your liking then I dont expect the lower end models to make you any happier.


I'd suggest you do some searching for a headphone that has the qualities you want, I for one am looking forward to buying a pair of beyer's as soon as i find out which one is for me. 

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Thanks for responses, i only have a Aune MKII dac/amp so i think the K701 might have needed more headroom but the others were driven fine. I guess i just dont like their signature, i have always liked my Sennheisers (HD600, HD439) , hated the HD25-1 II though , it was a full on assault on your ears , made Sade sound like Poly Styrene! Sony have a habit of making cans i like, ZX700 , SA5000, V55 etc , all great sounding cans imo.
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