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Need help choosing.. 130$ limit.

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Hey headphone-junkies..


Ive been searching around the net through like a gazillion forums around the world and somehow head-fi.org just keeps comming up. Now this is my problem:

My GF just stole my old crappy gamer headset (need it for the mic i never used) and now i need something new. I live in Denmark and headphones are usually bumbed a good 100% in price compared to the US. I got some family in the states, and a few familymembers will visit them in november or so, and thought why not make them my headphone mule.

Ive been looking at stuff like ATH-M50, ATH-A700X, some AKGs, beyerdynamic and last thing i stumpled across was the FA-003 copies. Sennheiser never realy did anything to me (never felt realy comfortable the ones ive tried). Ive got around 130$ to spend and ofcourse want the best sound ever to get for those kinda money. The headphones needs to be closed, over ear (around-the-ear i think head-fi calls it), since GF is sitting next to me in our home office.

I use my headphones kinda allround. Listening to music (rock, classic, rap and ragae), playing games on my PC (lots of RPGs and singleplayer games, and no darn FPS) and watching movies/series when i find something my GF aint into. I think its all divided equally between the three uses. Ill most likely be using it directly from my onboard soundcard, android phone or something equally low output source (occasionally plug it into my NAD surround receiver in our livingroom).

So please help me out choosing what to buy in this huge headphone world.


Best regards, Thomas

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There's a thread specifically for headphones recommendation. Post your question there.

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sorry about the missplaced post.. posted in the right thread so please delete this post.



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Brainwavz HM5 or NVX clone.

Beyer DT770 PRO


Philips Uptowns

Ultrasone HFI 780


Very best,

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