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FINALLY!! Ultrasone Pro900's - Issue.

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What's crackin?

Post man delivered the cans yesterday afternoon. Didn't get a chance to try them out properly yet because I had to dash out to dinner, but I have had them burning in. I will definitely post a "The lamens' impression" thread when I've had some good time with them. I obviously tried them for a minute, and I realised that the volume was a lot lower than the headphones I'd just had in. Source is an iPhone4 no amp. On my Numark PHX Pro's, full volume on iPhone was really loud, but when I switched directly to the Pro 900's on the same song, the volume was noticeably lower... Didn't analyse anything in terms of SQ or anything, I quickly plugged them into the MacBook, turned the volume up to 3/4 and hit play on iTunes and left them be...

One thing I noticed immediately and I'm not a fan of are the pads. Whilst they are excellent quality and would have no issue leaving them if these cans were used solely at home, however to MY taste and situation, I prefer leather earpads. Reasons being, I will be listening to these on my travels to and from work on trains. The velour pads leak too much, I'm not one for annoying the people around me since I've grown up, where it used to be a pleasure. lol.I also like the look and feel of (p)leather, but most of all from prior experience with different headphones, I prefer the sound with leather rather than velour. My old Numarks came with both. I'm not sure if this is headphone specific, and I know the Ultrasones might yield a different result, but it's something I'm willing to try.

I have seen many options and techniques people have used, namely retro fitting J-Money/Lawson Denon pads. I don't want these, as they're too thick. I have found new stock Denon leather(pleather?) pads for $35 odd bucks d I like the lower profile, sleeker look over the thicker 'angle' J$'s. They seem closer to the stock Ultrasone velour pads too in terms of size/depth.

Do stock Denon pads fit perfectly (glued obviously)? (I would assume so, seeing as J-money/Lawsons are made for the Denon, which in turn are used on the Pro9's)

Other than insulating, what effect does this mod have on sound? I know on my old headphones it used to tighten up the bass nicely, driving it harder and "punchier" into my brain.

Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.
Can someone who has done this mod also comment on their experiences?

Just for reference, I listen to psytrance, minimal, techno, and on occasion change it up and slap on some Muse... lol, random I know.
Oh and by the by, I will be looking at amping after a good burn in / listen for a while.

Kindest Regards,
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Home now, listening to the Ultrasone demo CD provided, just through iTunes on the macbook... umm...



..... WOW.



Currently listening to Tripercussion's Auf Gehts which is a drum solo and by God does it sound amazing. I've had it on repeat and just can't get enough, they sound absolutely fantastic. That kick drum sounds like its right here, and I'm standing on it. 


There is a track called Brandung, it's artist is Ultrasone Production. it's a whole bunch of white noise fluctuating smoothly from channel to channel and "swirling around" using the slogic of course. There is a bass line inserted too, would I be safe to assume that this would be a good track to leave on repeat during burn in???

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Lol, white noise. Its actually waves crashing.
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Thanks. That's what it sounds like, yeh. It is pretty much white noise though.

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Brandung literally means like ocean surf.
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...ok. Thanks.



Would you care to provide any insight, opinions, advice or criticism to the opening post?

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Its going to be lower volume on different sources because some can drive them better. Like the iPhone 4 cant drive them but when you plugged it into the amp it got a lot easier to drive therefor you can drive them to higher volume levels.

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Yeah I'm taking them to a shop today to try some amps.

Still keen on the Denon pads, if anyone could provide any insight?
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First of all, they're slightly different sized. The Denon pads will actually stick out a little bit (as you can see, the Pro 900 pads are slightly smaller than the D2000). If that's not an issue for you, you need to find a way to glue those pads to the Pro 900, either by gluing them straight to the headphones or to the frame that locks the pads to the headphones. I'd suggest the latter even though it means that you need to break two of your pads in order to get the frames. Unless you make (cut) your own frames in some material, for instance plastic ..


Do keep us posted, will you?

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RELEVANT TO MY INTEREST. If I could do this to the D7000...

Funny how people wanna use the Denon Pleathers, and I prefer the Pro 900 velours.
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LOL go figure.

Waiting on Lawson's reply to my expression of interest on stock Denon pads. (They don't have a direct online selling service)

Will keep you guys posted, but please feel free to offer any other advice or opinions!
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