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Definitely get yourself some DT770s.

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Originally Posted by DemonFox View Post


Just had to take a shot at Skrillex didn't you.. Sheesh, guy wins a grammy and now everyone hates him... We're all entitled to our opinions I guess..


You should checkout Skull candy and Sol's you'll love em.. :) 


For that price if you don't mind getting your skull crushed I would go with the M-Audio Q40's which hit like nothing else but have a known problem of having a vice like grip that take a lof of stretching out to get used to. Amazon has a great price on them right now and you wont find to many that can keep up with those bad boys.. I have high hopes for the new Sony XB 800's but first word wasn't a good one so we'll see on that one.. 


Also if you would consider with the money I just saved you :) You could also get some get IEM from Future Sonics that will hit harder, cleaner, and deeper than most over ear cans available. The Atrios 500-031 will not run you very much and have the sound that you are looking for with or without an amp.


Good luck!

I don't care how many grammys Skrillex has, his music all sounds the same and is aggravatingly annoying with the constant screaming. Besides I think he has five grammy now. Call of Duty MW3 won tons of awards and yet it still sucks horribly.


P.S. I have some Velodyne vPulse IEMs that have very nice bass for only $100.



Anyways I ended up buying the Pro700MK2 and a E17 dac/amp. Love the E17 but I will probably see if I can't sell off these Pro700 or ship them back to amazon. They are very clampy but I have stretched them out a good big so far.


Cons: Clampy, drivers rub against ears, not enough ear padding, not really much bass. Also kind of bright in the mids and highs depending on the song.


Pros: Great for DJs. Isolates sound pretty well, does clamp so it will stay on your head when you are doing your thing. The mids are great for vocals I found and display decent highs without the bass drowning out what you hear. So in essence if you sound mix or edit these are great because you know the bass is there but it doesn't muddy out the other details you're trying to pass off to the listeners. As far as dub goes, good mid bass but rather lacking on the sub 200hz for that very reason. (Hence the Monitor Headphones part. *Derp!*)


Overall not what I expected but I hadn't really read a review on them or heard anything about them and in time I will drop a better, more full review for those who may want it. All in all they are a HUGE step up from M50s for those who do audio work professionally. I would recommend them 100% for anyone who honest to God does professional sound work. Now if you are an everyday recreational listener as myself you may find them uncomfortable or awkward at times.


Also let it be said if you like artist like Adelle, who's music can be piercing in some headphones, these excel wonderfully. She is a great artist but not many headphones can really portray her voice correctly without being sharp, bright, or somewhat painful. These I think excel best in the mids, followed by a close tie between mid highs and mid bass. The overall highs can be bright and the lows lacking but once again, MONITOR HEADPHONES. They even say it on the sides and the description by ATH is of that: "Profession DJ Monitor Headphones."


The headphones are clampy and lack proper ear pads but if you find some M50 ear pads, I hear it fixes the problem. As for clampy, just stretch them out every few hours and you'll work it a little looser. Also the humongous 53mm drivers protrude in the middle and I find rub against my ears. If you have the chance to try them out first, obviously do so. The DJ coiled cable is a nice feature and the cables screw into the left can which I ALWAYS prefer having detachable cables. Er.. it comes with a leather bag which is meh, and that's about it.


TL;DR? Uncomfortable to some but should sound great in the mids to all.


As for the E17, well that is just sexy. Only beef I have with it is the bands are too small to fit around most "smart phones" considering the screen sizes of most phones. I'd suggest getting some Live Strong bands or something of the time to compensate if need be. Also You can change Treble and Bass but not mids which I find.. Eh.. Annoying considering it cost like $150 bucks so it'd be nice.



I think I want to sell these Pro700 to by buddy who is in a band and take that money and buy some Ultrasone 780s and see how they do.

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I haven't heard any of the mentioned Headphones but I do know that I don't particularly like dubstep. But the first day I received my Sony XB700 I listened to a dubstep radio for 2 hours straight! But for all I know, the listed headphones would probably all have been capable of producing that greatness... But the XB700 were only 89$ CND


PS. They have awful listening privacy due to open slots behind headband.

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Did know anyone would find this thread still.


Little update:


The Pro700MK2 are actually pretty damn good. I guess I didn't allow enough time for burn in but they do bring some pretty decent bass with really crisp sounds. Mids are a little recessed to some people and others find them bright. I find the treble a little bright and find myself recessing the mids for dubstep, etc. The bass is great and they don't need amping at all to sound loud but amping them REALLY brings out the bass. When you first listen to them they are weak but after about 200-300 hours (normal burn in imo) the bass really picks up a good bit.


Final note: I have heard that with better ear cups you can really bring out the bass in these. At first feel they are clampy and you will notice the driver rubs against your ear as they sit odd. After you stretch them out the clampiness goes away and you might not notice, I don't at least, the 53mm drives rubbing on your ears. To add to this if you buy these ear pads/cups:


Something along these lines: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/580539-REG/Beyerdynamic_900799_Gel_Style_Ear_Cushions_for.html


Beyerdynamic Gel-Style Ear Cushions for DT 770 & DT 990


BH says they are discontinued but you can get them on Beyer's website. 


From what I've heard it really makes a solid seal which keeps bass from being loss and adds some depth between the drivers and your ears. This adds comfort issues as well as allowing for proper dBSPL (Sound Pressure Level) so the bass really shines.


I'd recommend them if you DJ or just want something crisp with decent bass. These are by no means SUPER bass head cans and I am sure you can find better but possibly not for the price.

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