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Good headphones under $60 with great bass and long cord?

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Hey guys, I'm new here, so try to go easy on the jargon :)


Anyway, let me start off by saying that I am NOT an audiophile. If there are barely noticable flaws with the sound quality, I probably won't care. Also, I've (sadly) never had a pair of good quality headphones before, but I really wanna get a decent pair now.


So yeah, I'll be using the headphones to listen to all kinds of music, but most of the time, I listen to music that has a lot of bass. I'd really like a pair where I can bob my head to the bass.basshead.gif


Also, I'm gonna be using these headphones to play video games (but not on a competetive level). I hear that generally, bassy headphones aren't good for gaming, so if I had to make a choice between gaming and listening to music, I'd choose music. 


The headphones HAVE to be over-ear, and they must have good bass, pretty good sound quality, good durability, comfort (I have a kind of large head), and a long cord (longer than 8 feet, preferably). If they let some noise in or out, I don't really care because I'm only gonna use them at home. Also, it's okay if the headphones don't look the best; again, I'll be using them at home. Most importantly, they have to cost less than $60 (I'm on a tight budget frown.gif).


Oh, and I'm not gonna buy any legit equalizers, but I can tweak the sound on my ipod and receiver. And the only mods I'd be willing to do are ones where you don't have to mess with actual internal components of the headphones. For example, I'm okay with doing the foam mod.


The headphones I'm considering are the JVC HARX900s or 700s. How are they? Do they actually have good bass? I've read a lot of mixed reviews on them, so I'm not sure if they're worth buying. If there are any other good headphones that fit the bill, please tell me.


Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. If you guys have any suggestions or comments, please respond! 

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If you're on a tight budget, LEAVE THIS PLACE IMMEDIATELY before our words cause your wallet pain.



Last year I was a 60 dollar budget guy


now got 1500+ in audio gear.




In any case, if all you care about is bass, the sony MDR-XB series has it.





For more balanced sound, take a look at shure srh 240/440. The shures have the long cord going on with their long coiled 10 footers.

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Maybe the Panasonic RP-HTF600? Do a quick search on them, you'll find loads of input.
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I can't recommend them out of personal experience, but sounds like you want something like the Sony XB500s.  And they're currently about $53 on Amazon.

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X2 on the XB500 or the 700. 

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