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For Sale: Cowon J3 24GB + Accessories

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For Sale:
Cowon J3 24GB + Accessories

Will Ship To: Anywhere

looking to sell my portable setup, i'm going towards desktop and car audio now.


  • Cowon J3 16GB+8GB memory card - best portable system. Used many daps throughout my audio years but in the end, i keep buying back the Cowon J3. Has screen protector since day one.
  • Accessories - Custom Case for Cowon J3, fits like a glove and a little carrying pouch to store the DAP and IEMS


I am the original owner for both items, active on both Aurisonic and Cowon threads. Both items are mint condition, lots of feedback throughout the years here on Head-fi.




Price: SOLD

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Hi there.  Just so I get this straight, $220 is for the DAP and the accessories, not including the IEM's.  This is correct, yes?

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Please check PM.  Thanks.

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Hi, got your PM from this morning, however I have reached my daily allowance for PM.  Please contact me at


Thanks, Richard

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Hello guys, can you pls. Help me how to puchase of cable and charger of my J3. Thank you in advance.
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