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Ode to an Ageing Medium

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So... It's been 30 years since the first CD was sold in Japan.  As the below NPR feature highlights, it was a technological breakthrough that helped usher in the very era of its demise - the era of digital music.


Personally, while I love the high-quality, high-resolution recordings I've been finding increasingly proliferated online, I still enjoy holding, collecting, and spinning shiny discs.  Yes, "it's about the music," and digital files allow us to own and play back the music in a highly pure, nearly abstracted form - perhaps one day all our audiophile equipment and recordings will be neurosurgically embeddable in our psyches, and we can play music at will from within our own sensory processing neurocenters rather than through airwaves travelling through space into our ears - but I am also all for material culture.  I am a human body, in space and with mass, and as such I enjoy the tactility, the weight of visceral reality, offered by CDs and other physical media, and I'll be sad when the CD finally goes the way of the VHS cassette.



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LOL, Vinyl fits that discription better than those coasters.devil_face.gif Liner notes and artwork is so much more appealing on those 12" squares as it can also be while playing streamed music with a nice display.

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I have all my coasters still in storage. Just can't let go since I paid a lot of money for them. But they are collecting dust and would be of value to an upgrade. Hmm........
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