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Any NYC area meets?

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It;s already October now.


And I'm wondering will there be any official NYC meets to be held this fall as previous?


Can;t wait to listen to some new stuffsgs1000.gif

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Don't know of any myself but would love to join.. subscribedpopcorn.gif

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Have not seen anyone take the bull by the horns. Where is bozebuttons for the November winter meet. Immtibiker?

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Love to join if there is some nyc meeting!!!

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Can't wait till one.Also subscribed.

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I'm in if there's a meet.

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I missed the first and second annual white plains meet. i'll be damned if i miss it again. please please be one...

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Immtbiker is looking into the availabilty of the Adria in Queens for possible Dec meet.

White plains is out due to Erikzen is to busy to organize future meets there.


Only a handfull of members have stepped up to the plate to organize these meets,if anyone else is interested in taking the bull by the horns & organize a NY meet funds are available from past meets let me know.

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Sounds great! Hopefully this works out.

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If any meets come up in the NEW YORK METRO AREA , please please shoot me an email at:


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If any Can Jams/ meets are scheduled for the New York Metro area, please, please shoot me an email at
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subbed, missed last meet

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Sound great !!! :)

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