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hi all! 1st post here and i yes, i have to admit:



I just love it!

the headband is ripped a bit, it got scratches and the cushions are redesigned by mr punkrock (who really needs toilet paper when you can use sandpaper?)!

i shortened the cable to 1,4m and soldered a small 3.5mm plug (schulz kabel).

i cannot upload pics at the moment, but will follow...

soundwise it´s the best headphone i ever had and i tried a lot. it got punch and also smoothness and bass enough when you want it. best can for rock or classic or electro - tanglejangle and scream!


got a fiio x1 and it slightly works but i would like to get a bit more power to the cans - so i tried it out with my fiio e5, but that lil baby is near to it´s end because of the lifetime of the battery.

there´s a chance to get a fiio e11 kilimajaro for just a few bucks... would the fiio e11 drive the 240 properly?