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audioaffair.co.uk not sending my headphones, crappy customer service, getting no reply.

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I just need to vent. This company seems to be well regarded. Boggles my mind why they dropped the ball with me.
short version: Ordered headphones from them 10 days ago, had to issue a PayPal dispute (after 9 days) as headphones not shipped (2-3 days website said) and they are completely ignoring my contact attempts. Now wondering if they will do anything about the PayPal dispute or continue to ignore me.
Now for the long version (Click to show)


Sunday evening I ordered some Yamaha HPH PRO500 headphones from them. Monday I receive a polite email from Penny saying she wants a copy of my drivers licence and utility bill to prove my identity as the credit card address I used does not match up.
I used PayPal not credit card. At this point I realised that I requested a different delivery address (work) than my home address. I explained this to Penny and asked her to post the headphones to my home address. (Also, personal note, no way in hell im giving somebody I dont know personal information that will make identity theft easy for them.)
On Tuesday I received a confirmation from Penny saying all has been sorted out and she is having the headphones dispatched.
Not having received any shipment confirmation by end of Wednesday I emailed them asking when should I expect dispatch as the website said 2-3 days. No reply #1.
By end of Thursday I decided to check their website to see perhaps the shipment times have changed. They hadn't, but the price dropped. So I sent off another email looking for my headphones and a discount since they have not sent them by the stated timeframe. No reply #2.
Sunday evening I use their web form on their website asking again about the dispatch. No reply #3.
End of Monday I have enough and lodge a dispute with PayPal.
As of end of today I still have no reply to anything.
With avery attempted contact I got an automated response saying they will reply within 24 hours. Thus I made sure I waited 24 hours before emailing them again.



I have dealt with random strangers on head-fi and I never got burnt, yet here is a professional company, just taking my money and running.

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Hey, thanks for writing this. I've looked there in the past and wondered about their legitimacy. Anyway, totally not doing business with them. Thanks again.
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Thats a shame is they are doing this to customers. Have you tried contacting via Facebook? they seem to post regular updates. 

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Thats certainly strange 100's of people here use as I have myself.  hope they sort it, usually an excellent seller especially if your outside the UK.

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I just checked their website and they have a local rate land line. If you like, I could call them for you and try to find out what's going on with your order.


If they're not replying to your emails (bad!) then a phone call might sort it out. Let me know. I might need your order number for them to identify the purchase.


Anyway, I'm happy to give them a quick call if you like.

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Thanks for the replies and offers of help guys (and gals).


I was able to get in touch with them via their online chat system. They were apologetic and helpful. Sadly the headphones are not available from Yamaha for 2 months so I requested a refund as they will be available locally by then.


I'll update with new developments.

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Glad they sorted it for you navi as they always seem to do.

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This happens too often , almost "every positive" review are mentioning they got a problem with audio affair  and it was sorted it out after contacting them.

What about having no problem, from  begin.



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