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JPS Labs Abyss

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Stumbled across this when browsing the jps labs website and thought it my duty to bring it to the attention of the forum.




Looks like an interesting development. I emailed jps but they are reluctant to divulge any further info and told me to keep an eye on the website.

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very interested for measurements

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

very interested for measurements

Yeah, along with price and release date, but they are tight lipped.

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Spidey headphones eek.gif design concept looks interesting. 

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To be honest i'm suprised that jps haven't produced headphone cables, instead jumping into headphones with their cable.

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Thanks for this link!!!! Sounds like a new thin diaphragm ortho. Watching with extreme interest.popcorn.gif If you look closely through the spider web you can see traces of the diaphragm.

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Interesting! Another competitor in the increasing planar headphone market. When will Sennheiser join in?

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What the...



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The website gives hardly any info.  You think these will be priced similar to the he400s or some outrageous price like the audeze?

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Leather/pleather.... I'll pass.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Leather/pleather.... I'll pass.

Sorta drastic, MLE.

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Umm, not really. I gave up my fave headphones because I was tired of the heat buildup and stickiness of the pads. I will never get pleather/leather ever again. Velour or no go.

I live in the Florida heat. If I lived up north during winter, maybe.
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Intriguing, but so light on details that it's hard to really get excited just yet.

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The mention of "hand-made wooden case" and "including headphone stand" makes me think it will be expensive.

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Looks like it can be expensive.  


Special cables from JPS labs $$ Leather lambskin ear pads $$$   I also though I read some where they include a headphone stand and a wooden case = $$$$.

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