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Fiio E17 creating a static / cracking sound

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So been using my Fiio E17 lately on my Macbook pro 17 inch unibody (not retina). Everything plays well, except when I press on a key, I hear static / cracking sound for a few seconds. The static / cracking sound comes back when I press any key on the keyboard.


At first, I thought it was the headphones, or something loosely connected. So I plugged the headphones (Hifiman HE-400) directly into the laptop. NO PROBLEMS.


I suspect, he issue was with the amp / dac. Funny thing is, if I plug the amp / dac into another USB port, the static / cracking sound issue does not come up. Either it's the amp / dac or something wrong with the USB port in my laptop.


I am using Lion 10.7.4. Will upgrading to Mountain Lion fix this issue?


Anyone experiencing the same problem?

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Having the same issues with my Mac Pro running mountain lion, with the replacement E17 I received.


I switch the settings in Audio MIDI setup between 44.1khz and 48khz but the device status bar doesn't change to reflect the settings. I suspect the sampling frequency is getting detected incorrectly and thus creating the static. I haven't been able to verify this behavior yet with other non-mac computers. The only way to fix it so far is to unplug it completely from USB, and then replug for me. Let me know if this is still happening to you, would be curious if it's affecting other members.

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This is happening to me as well (though with a PC, not a Mac), I read somewhere else that a restart helps for awhile, I have tried that and it does seem to help some.


Have you tried using optical instead? I'm considering that.


I've tried all of my usb ports, same thing. But I will try removing the usb and re-plugging.


I'm using onboard sound->usb->fiio e17->Hifiman He-400

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Gosh, now it's my turn. I just bought the E17 less than a week ago & it's already happening! :( Initially, I thought the Flac file I was playing could be corrupted so I re-ripped the same album again only to find out it's still happening at random on other Flac/MP3 files too. Arrh wasted my time!


At home, I'm using the E17 with my laptop (Window PC) + ATH-M50x headphone, while outside I'm using the E17 with my Galaxy Note 3 smartphone + ATH-M50x or SONY earbuds. Unfortunately, the static or crackling noise occurred in both situations at random.


I tried all sorts of way: Unplug the USB cable, use a different USB cable, unplug the headphone jack, switch off the E17, played both Flac & MP3 files, etc but completely futile. It occurs randomly & at its own whim. It is driving me crazy!   


As of now, is there any solution yet? Has the issue been identified? If none, I'll bring back to the seller for refund & will use the money to get another DAC/Amp. It seems other FiiO models are also having similar issue. :mad:

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Originally Posted by shrkz: 

Well I figured out what caused it. It was my home modem being too close.




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