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Hi all, this is my first post but i want to jump straight to it.


In my youth i would listen to music for hours at a time, then I grew up and had kids and found time to actually sit back and listen to music slipped and instead music was always just heard in the background.


Now the kids are older i have recently got back into enjoying the music and am looking to upgrade or enhance my current set up. 


If you could, id love some help on what to start with.


My current system is as follows:


Cambridge Audio A300 amp

Rega RP1 turntable

Cambridge Audio 640p Phono stage

Macbook Air for Flac files, running Audirvana music player

Fiio e9/e7 DAC headphone amp

Kef cresta 10 speakers 

Audio Technica ATH - M50 headphones


The speaker cable is bi wire but cant remember the name, but is pretty thick (but about 15 years old)

Inter connections are all standard.


Logic would tell me to replace the amp as i know that is about 20 years old but what are your views? 


Also i read a lot about upgrading the connection wires, even the usb cabe from mac to DAC, would this help?


Thoughts and comments much appreciated