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Need help regarding audio output, please help.

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Hello everybody, I'm Mohit from India.


Yesterday I bought a Phillips SHP1900 headphones,.

The problem is that the bass is so high in the mix that i get distracted from listening to guitars and vocals OR the guitars are just not loud enough usually. I know not all genres of music have guitars but you can hopefully understand where i'm getting at?


I'm not sure about this but when i bought my last headphones months ago(Sanyo 440 mv). I hated them for kind of same reasons and gave them to my mother. She used them excessively for 3-4 months and then i took them back (because i had nothing else at that moment). I Loved them so much, until they broke last week.


So, Is there like a Run Time before headphones start sounding good?


Should I keep my headphones on at nights to achieve this?


I've tried customizing with equalizer , didn't really help.

Thank you.

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Headphones do not change dramatically over time unless they fail.  There have been reports and so far a few measurements of changes over time, but anything over +/- 2dB is not going to happen.


The rule of thumb to follow is if you do not like the headphones right out of the box it is likely you will not like it any time.  There are of course exceptions, but this is true 90% of the time.  If your ear is untrained a headphones may grow on you, but the sound of the headphone is not changing drastically, rather, your perception of the sound signature.


If you list your budget for your next headphone we can try to help you pick a durable and more neutral sounding headphone.  This way you will avoid that heavy bass sound.

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