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Buying a new smartphone

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I use my Lg optimus 2x as my music source, when im out of the house. I stream my music from my Squeezebox server via 3G, and In the same time, the flac files gets transcoded into 320 kbs mp3 files. I recently bought a IPad 3. And the Sound quality from the iPad is In a different league, without transcoding though, since i online use it on wifi
I'm thinking about buying a new phone. I really like the design of the yellow Nokia Lumigom 920, but it's using the Qualcomm s4 chip like the US version of the Galaxy s3. So should i expect the sound quality to be like the US S3? I'm also considering the the international galaxy s3. Sine it's i allready purchased a lot of apps. But Nokia phones, has allways had great reception and great batteri time.
But this time,my priorities also includes Sound quality.
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Ok just tried to compare my iPad and my o2x again. When i hooked up my superlux hd 681 to my Lg the was even worse than i rembered it, and this time it was lagging to. I rebooted the phone like i do when some games get laggy. And guess what, the lag dissapeared and the sound was fine to, a lot closer to the ipad's quality. But anyway i went to a store, and tried out the Lumia 900 and tha Galaxy s3. I guess is doesn't help much, since i only had the default applied sound files. Judging by that, the Galaxy is the better choise.
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R: Buying a new smartphone

If you will plane to use an esternal dac you go for s3, I use an odac with s3 and the quality is amazing.
The s3 quality out of the headphone output is no bad, but nothing of exceptional.

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Just bought the s3. Thanks

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