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Hi guys,

I'm planning to buy a pair of RS 180 wireless headphones to use in my computer's audio setup and was wondering what you be the best way of doing this would be. At the moment on my desk I have a FiiO E17 acting as a DAC for my Mac Mini, which outputs via the L7 LOD bypass into a venerable old Arcam Alpha 8 hifi amplifier (then into the speakers). What would be the best way to incorporate the RS180 base station into that system? Would it be to feed the E17 line-out into the RS180 base (on that note I can't seem to pin down if it amps itself or if it needs amping externally) and then use the RCA outputs on the base to run the signal back into the Alpha 8 so I can use both the speakers and the headphones in one circuit? Or would I be better off just plugging the aux cable straight into the headphone jack of the Arcam whenever I need to use them? If both are viable, would going through the Arcam yield any improvement to audio quality, or would the base station impact the sound from my speakers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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