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Indeed GUS cards were quite good, for the games that supported them. A relatively close second was AWE32 cards for games with wavetable synthesis support.

Also, IIRC, GUS cards had Soundblaster Pro compatibility, not Soundblaster 16, which reduces sound quality due to lack of channels and lower sampling rates. It's interesting that even on such legacy hardware, the Pro moniker didn't equate higher quality audio, something that's replicated on the current Creative USB devices that have regular and Pro versions, with Pro versions underperforming when compared to regular models.
no it has SB AWE16 support
I have one, I know
it also has Roland and adlib support
I have the newer GuS pnp pro, not the older classic
the pro used a much better AMD InterWave chip witch has dx3d and some other stuff the older cards lacked
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I'm well aware that UnrealEngine1 games used tracker music, but I'm pretty sure it's software-synthesized and wouldn't utilize the GUS architecture directly.
it has both soft and hard support
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