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Best IEM between €60-100 budget

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Hi I was wondering could someone help me . My Klipsch s4's broke after 5 months (sound went in left bud) and since then I've just gone along with standard Apple earbuds but I can't take them any longer . I've been debating to get the S4's again but the fact they lasted only 5 months is putting me off! Is this something I'd have to deal with for other IEM's in this price range or is there a similar IEM which is more durable in or around the same price . I've been searching and found pairs like the Hi-Fi Man RE0 and the Shure SE215's which have been getting quite good reviews but any thread I go on seems to suggest more and more IEM's really am confused as to what is best value for my money! Also I live in Ireland so some IEMs like the EPM 100's can't be shipped here. Alll suggestions welcome , I am a basshead really enjoy listening to Tech House/House/Dub/Garage and most other genres like Indie are my most listened to genres ,  so any IEMs with fairly strong bass (Like the s4's) would be my ideal set although if I could get a nice balanced pair with a decent bass I'm sure I could get used to it. Im not really a massive audiophile as you can tell but I do enjoy listening to my music with proper earphones 

Thanks in advance

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For your taste in music S4's all the way (haters let me explain first). I had my S4's for over a year before the strain relief started to rip, all you need to do is tape them (hard to do because the wire is so small) or put heat shrink wrap on it or something. It is a problem and the only thing keeping me from getting another pair but the bass is worth it.


For classical, classic rock and metal I would say the SE215's are better. The S4's have a upper mid/lower treble boost that makes guitars in SOME metal sound like a buzz saw in your ear but the cymbals and hi-hats are fine. The SE215's are more laid back and have a flatter response. The big bass boost they have on a frequency curve is really miss leading as the bass is very tight and controlled like on the SRH840's neither Shure can you really eq much more bass into the headphone.


Now the S4's bass is crazy, slightly boomy that gives you that live/club sound, deep, impactful and full sounding. I had a Sony S series walkman and with the clear bass up the buds would like suck in and out of my ears to pop music and dub-step. I was amazed at how such crazy bass came out of such small things.

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Rock it R-50

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if you are a basshead you should look into the sony xb90ex(~100usd). there's also the jvc fx101(~15 usd). I dont know the conversion rates =\.

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Well the R-50 is a no go because it wont have the bass your looking for, the Fischer Consonance has very good punch deep bass along with crisp highs, they work very well with electronic music.


Also the Hippo VB with the tuning system has very strong bass with a clear sound and bright highs, not unlike the S4 and I think the Hippo VB sounds better as well.  The S4 was the first decent IEM I ever bought so if you like that sound signature but want something better the 2 I mentioned both have better SQ than the S4.

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Wow I totally missed that you had a pair of S4's. Id check with Klipsch, they have a one year warrenty on the drivers (damn thieves if you ask me not warrenting the cord at all and making it that thin) unless your for sure its the cord.


I would like to know if there is any IEM that comes close to the bass of the S4's? Monster Turbines are supose to be good but the golds and coppers are really dark/warm.

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I have the S4, there is much more better EIM's out there.  ATH-CKM500 are easy to drive or MDR-EB90EX if you like the extra bass and have a good source to drive them.

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The two I mentioned above your post have bass that's as good or better than the S4 along with better over all SQ and don't cost that much more than the S4.

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