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Has anyone spotted this website? Seems like a potential place to research/add information to!

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I did stumble upon it recently, but it's severely lacking content. It's a shame because it's extremely difficult to find detailed info on headphones (such as release date/revisions/etc).

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Just thought maybe headfiers could offer some help XD
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Spotted this site a couple of years ago when doing some research about a pair of vintage headphones. I think the guy who owns the site is a head-fi'er (not sure) 

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You think it's severely lacking content? Feel free to add it :)

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Severely lacking content? There's information on there about MANY of the common vintage headphones and even some about the uber-rare ones like the SE-700 and SS-100. Wikiphonia is a great site, I've added some things myself.

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Not all of the information on there is reliable, for instance the Sony DR-11 are listed as a potential ortho even though it's well known by the contributing community that they are not. There may also be some potential copyright issues, since it seems there has been some indiscriminate uploading of pictures from other websites onto the Wikiphonia servers.


Most of the site's content is provided by the community, of course, so this criticism is partly annulled by the fact that even I could edit these things and make them right.

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