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what headphones ?????

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narrowed down my choices based on price availablilty ect anyway yehh:


-ath m50

-hfi 580

-Ultrasone pro 550

-Shure SRH 840

- Klipsch One

!!!!! like extra bass....

which one is best??

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In terms of sound quality, SRH840, but if you want "extra bass" then the hfi 580 has the most. Just be careful because while that sound impresses you initially, it gets old quickly to some, like eating candy for every meal.

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klipsch one has a v shaped sound sig...

there is a newer Reference One, u can check that out..

more ommmphhh than the older One.



srh840 is more balanced across...but its much bigger in size than the klipsch, i wont take it out of the house.

i wont say this is a basshead can.

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ahh i cant get the klipsch one ref, amazon wont ship to australia.... :/

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awk thanks for ur help hmm hard decisions, and i cant realy go anywhere and listen to them because i am in australia, the only one i have listened to is the klipsch one, and i was quite impressed for a brand which is not headphone specialized...

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