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Request: Best Analytical IEM sub-$100

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I've been looking through Joker's and ClieOS' reviews for several days now, but every time I latch onto a pair of IEMs, no matter how hard I try and believe they are "the ones," I always manage to be convinced otherwise by price, bass-emphasis, defects, availability, or general dislike among the community for them.



For example, I was interested in Brainwavz B2, but it is out of my budget and the M4 I heard was bass-emphasized.  I looked into UE 600s, but UE 700s were more analytical.. unfortunately the 90-angle jack was prone to rupture, so build quality wasn't there, bummer because I was willing to possibly shell out $120 for their SQ.  I liked the HifiMan RE0 but heard bad things about durability, and reliability from the Amazon seller.  I was highly interested in Etymotic Research, however I fear for the questionable comfort (deep insertion).  I liked the Hippo Shrooms however I could not find any reputable dealers.  I liked the VSonic GR07 but like the Brainwavz B2 they were out of my budget, and like the M4 the GR06 was more bass emphasized.  I liked Soundmagic E30s but they were over-the-ear designs.  I've heard good things about Fischer audio and Sunrise (Xcited), but they aren't offered by Amazon, and I haven't researched too much into them.  I think I might just end up with $35 Apple IEMs.. *sad face*



I'm looking for clear, crisp, detailed treble highs, capable mids, soundstage.  I also want comfort (straight down, NOT over the ear) and build quality (durability, no monitor failures or cable fragility).  I don't care for bass.  My budget is $100, preferably less, however I am willing to compromise for increases in sound quality.



Any input is highly appreciated! :)

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RE0, I have had two and still own one, neither one broke. Does need an amp though.

HF5 perhaps or a used B2/DBA-02?

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Thanks for the reply.  I will look into the Brainwavz B2.  I feel like an RE0+amp puts it in a high price range, so I'd might as well go for an HF5 or B2 as you suggested.  Comfort wise, I will have to rule out HF5 (deep insertion), and between the B2 and UE 700 I head read that B2 is superior.  The build quality is excellent as well, and currently MP4nation has it on sale for $125.  I will look around for a bit, but the B2 seems like an excellent recommendation, thanks!

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I just bought FXT90 this week and I find it leans towards an analytical IEM as well. It has more bass quantity than I expect from an analytical IEM but it's quite bright to my ears with silicon tips. Becomes a different story with comply/shure olives. With silicon tips, it's an aggressive, detailed, accurate sounding IEM that can impress with its powerfull in your face presentation. I prefer to tame it with shure olives, it loses most of its aggressiveness an brightness that way, I prefer a warmer, sweeter and more musical sound.

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Here's some analytical models within this thread that ClieOS authored and organized by sound signature:



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