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I need your help

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Hello head-fi'ers, this is my first post even if i've been reading this forum for like 1 year, as I was a newbie i wasn't able to post frown.gif.

With the help of some of you, i bought a sennheiser HD-25 which i was really happy with until it broke. So here we are, i need some advice on a new pair of headphones. As i'm a user of common transport, i need something with a good isolation. And, concerning the sound, i'm a great fan of electro/trance (Armin van buuren) and rock so i need something with good ( great ) bass and i would like something with a warm sound signature unlike my HD25 and at least as detailed as it. I can spend quite a few buck for it, as i've been saving money for the ultimate pair of headphones for me smily_headphones1.gif.
I was really interested in custom monitors but is the fact that i'm only 17 an issue with the fit?( I've read something about the ears canals growing as you grow up, is it true? )

Thanks in advance for all the answers. biggrin.gif

PS: I am french, so excuse me if they are any mistakes :/
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If you are looking for some nice headphones, I would go with the Shure se215. I bought them a few months ago and absolutely love the quality. And if it's isolation you are looking for, they block out almost all sound. They are definitely a great alternative to pricey customs. 


If you are looking for a slightly cheaper in ear, I am selling some iMetals on Ebay. They aren't as detailed as Shure, but have great bass. They might work well for your electro/trance music.

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