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Best in-ear for $100

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I'm sure this topic is beat to death, but I'm very particular with my music.  I want something well balanced more leaning on the bass side.  Right now i have some klipsch s4's in my ear but i've been reading around they aren't the best for the price range and they seem a bit flimsy to me.  I will probably be taking them back soon.  I have them burned in and they sound "okay" it doesn't really blow me away as a "wow these are great." bass is definatly better than what i've had but i dont feel the sound stage is all too good, just a tad better than the bose sound system that came with my car (yeah sorry they didn't offer anything else).  I listen to classical when im working and songs all the way to dubstep when im just at home so i'd like something that would fit that.  These are going to be for school and what not, so they need to be durrable as i will be taking them everywhere with me from home, to campus, to the library, etc. I'd like as much noise isolation as possible (i find it easier to work without random sounds in the background)  and would obviously like them to be comfortable for hours. 


I was looking at the 


or the creative aurvana 3 

since they are kevlar reinforced they're a bit more than the s4's but I would be willing if they sound much better.  do you guys have any reccomendations? Im also willing to jump above the 100 price range if they really are just that much better.


In a nut shell:


-rich/full sound

-great sound stage

-durable as heck (which im sure usually comes with the premium price)

-noise isolating as much as possible

-comfortable for hours

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As I can remember the creative aurvana 3 is very similiar sounding to the se210 so it should sound similiar to the se215 beside the fact that the se215 might have more bass and the aurvana is a lot cheaper. I am not sure so take this as a grain of salt.

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Well, lets get at it some more! deadhorse.gif

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The REO are amazing sounding IEMs with higher resolution soundquality than S4 and bass maybe not as much you like in IEMs soundsignature, So another Option is GR07 which offers great clarity all over audio spectrum and fuller bass with wider soundstage.

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This is what I hate about headphones, DON'T get new headphones or think yours are sub-par just because others say so, until you have listened to them.


With that said I would keep your S4's and get the 215's also. The S4's will be way better for dub-step. I sold my S4's to a co-worker that wanted them and I miss them.


The only thing wrong build quality wise on the S4's is the cord and Strain relief, I have slammed the driver in a car door before and it was fine.


The 215's will have a better sound stage and they are warmer and more laid back.


You could also look at the UE700's and the Monster Jams

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