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i also had the same problem.

i recover using the following steps



step 1:  reset the player using reset button at the bottom

set 2 : switch on the player and select right top  icon (setting icon)

step 3:  select the 7th option from the top  i.e system menu

step  4: select 3th option from top i.e default set 


then u will get the all the available languages in the language menu

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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

Next post will be 'oh wait....' LOL

Unfortunately there's no "oh wait" this time... Haha I'm selling mine already!
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The player Nova do come with an English manual. Where did you purchase the Nova? Is it from an authorized distributor?


The manual page 10 section 4.3 do tell you where to change the language.

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Originally Posted by Hahayyy View Post

Unfortunately there's no "oh wait" this time... Haha I'm selling mine already!

Well than oh wait...it's not a brick.bigsmile_face.gif Too bad it didn't work for you.frown.gif

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It's way too small to be called a brick lol. Any smaller and I'd wonder if I'd break such a device lol :P.

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Someone likes it someone not... I don't know if i should order one of these. Someone recommended me cowon but i really don't like sound of it on full-size headphones. I am looking for something that will sound at least same as PC,i am using Asus zenbook ux31e and it sounds so good on my m100 but can't find some good portable player. I feel like "mp3's" sound so plastically. Don't know what should i think about this Nova(1,3) players... 


Btw my friend have beyerdynamic DT 440 (32) and he have same opinion about the players we heard it can't compare to any pc even with integrated sound card. It is quiet, plastically and it lacks the "surrounding" effect. Sorry for my non professional expressions :D


What should i think about Hisoundaudio nova?

Don't know if it is something like little improvement from ipod and cowon or it is actually sounds like from pc, cd-player, etc...

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^^^^ hisoundaudio studio v 3rd anv. For you would be perfect.
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

^^^^ hisoundaudio studio v 3rd anv. For you would be perfect.

Thanks! ....  yea for that one i must still conserve :D I hoped maybe N3 would be similar in SQ :D

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I here it is about 85-90% close to the studio 3rd. But some people say there is a volume problem but it will be fixed in march...a recently got the studio v 3rd anv. Because I like you was in search for the best player and now that I have it I think I'm done upgrading my player. smily_headphones1.gif
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I might get the n3 in the future just to use it as a burn in station biggrin.gif but now I am going to save up for the vsonic v7007 smily_headphones1.gif
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No comparison in dynamic contrast to the 3rd but the Nova 3 has a very nice even, clean, open, textured character. I think HSA V2 the best sound option and it has plenty of gain for most things. Some of the others, not so much. It's as good or better than the Roccos including the BA but different. The BA is still quieter in terms of sustained background sound.

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Hisound nova got new packaging? Looks a lot nicer than the one I got mine in haha

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I have spend some time with the Nova 1. It took me approximately 20 minutes to figure out how it works and set up the correct language or the language that I prefer. The manual is actually much better than I have experienced receiving from HS before.


I actually didn't need to use the manual since I prefer to do it my own way.  It was fairly easy to figure out how to use the Nova. So that is a clear pass.. But the manual is still great and nice to have just in case.


I performed a little stress test by loading a bunch of Flac files/albums that I knew had caused me some issues with the Rocco-P/BA or Studio-V. All of they was recognized perfectly, in folder play, and all files played very smoothly. I also loaded a 24/96 WAV file, but that didn't turn out well. I didn't really expect it to work, so no surprise here..just a test.


Sound wise, very briefly, I think it lands, smack, in between the Rocco-P and the Studio-V(2). It has a very nice, wide sound stage and great clarity. The Nova 1 sounds a bit forward to me, maybe due to a slight upper mid range or/and lower treble emphasis. The bass level seems to have a been bumped in the behind compared to HS other products that I have experienced, but a gentle bump that gives it what the Rocco-P for instance may have lacked in this area.  I have primarily been using the Hi-Fi or HSA V.1.0 setting and both of them sounds good to me and I much preferred them to any other setting. 


It doesn't drive my HD650 very well or even sound all that great either.  With my main IEM, AT CK100pro  I do have some slight hiss issues, but this one can be one hissy bastard under the wrong circumstances. Low impedance in certain areas due to the crossovers may be a problem as well. On the other hand, something as simple and retro looking as my Koss Portapro actually sounds really great with the NOVA-1 and is probably a much better match-up with the NOVA-1.  Much cheaper too... 


That's all. I will have a few other people try it out in a few days, maybe compare it to a Clip+, iPods, who knows. Let them come up with some thoughts, so I won't have to do any thinking.

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i am using Nova 3 for the past 2 days.

this is my short feedback 


upon opening my Nova 3 i am impressed with the light gold color and the red color combination of the touch keys

i turned on the player. i got the default language as chinese (not sure but not english).

so i tried to change the language to english but i can't find the english option in the language list.

i really got worried there are about 5 language only displayed in the list.

i thought the reset is the options to get all the language. but it also fail to get the entire list.

for about 15 minutes after struggling i find another option.

set the default set in the setting > system menu options

that make me to get the english language.


first of all i noticed the sound stage is great. i like the sound stage very much when compared to my clip+.

i can able to hear the clear separation of each instruments. i can able to feel the vocal is nearer to me.

volume is low when i connect with the sennheiser hd419.

but for westone 4 i am using the volume of 25 to 27 (max 32).


about the UI i think its good but not matured in some area. for basic operations it won't be any problem.

i can able to see flickering when scrolling the song list.


after spending some more time with Nova i will come up with my review.

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