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EDIT: Hisound Audio to Release New DAP Product-Line (NOVA with micro SD card support) - Page 39

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patiently waiting for my nova n3...
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I haven't even received a shipping notification. Has it been released officially?

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Yes i t is officialy released smily_headphones1.gif.... which seller did you order from?
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Try barginbinonline.
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...I already ordered them
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Originally Posted by PMAP View Post

For Nova owners who received the firmware update: If you're having problems running the HiSoundTool.exe (error on startup and then doesn't update), this is what worked for me:


1) open 汉声Nova-N1标准升级工具包 > 汉声NOVA升级工具 > 英文版 (the location of HiSoundTool.exe in English as indicated in the help file)


2) copy the contents into a different folder, name it e.g. fw_updater - any name without the Chinese characters in the path should work


3) run the software normally. There should be no error message this time and updating should work.




where to get the firmware update?

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any one received Nova 3 or shipping information confirmed

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got the shipment information for my Nova 3.

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Nice smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by Fatalethal View Post




where to get the firmware update?


Download the firmware at here. It is translated to English. Remember to rename all the folder and filename to english, if not I think it will hit error.


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Some info that might interest the Nova3 owner / potential buyer: the output impedance is measured around 1.3~1.5ohm. Not the lowest of the lowest, but still very admirable. It is also very clean and transparent sounding, but I'll need more time to cast my final verdict. So far, I think it is the best sounding DAP of this size I have ever heard. Again, need more time. Also, HiSound already takes note that the current firmware isn't great (but usable) and promise to improve after the Chinese New Year holidays.

Going back to some of the old discussion on Teclast X30 - it is indeed apparent that both players might share the same SoC, but Nona 3 is crashing X30 on SQ. No doubt about that.

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No one knew it would be that good before they heard it but It was certainly expected to be better than the Teclast. I though it would be from the same source but different enough to stand well apart. Nice to hear HiSound's amp and voicing magic is intact. Seems like somebody there just knows what things are supposed to sound like and is getting better at hitting his target. I would guess the 3rd Anniversary output impedance similar at below 2 ohm but above one so tha sounds right and likely their current target which I think is vg. Anybody designing IEMs that drop below 12 ohms is misguided.


 I've got a Nova 3 on the way as well and can't wait to try it. I just tossed my Fuze and my Clip's display is intermittent so a small player to back up my Studio is needed. Great to hear it's that good so far.bigsmile_face.gif The Sansas are vg cheap and cheerful players and they've lasted well over a year but........


Does it still have the FLAC bug (lead in drop out)? I'm fine with wav so not a big concern for me. When I get mine I'Ill see if I can find a way around it.


I haven't forgotten about that amp. It needs a dpst switch and I'll find a way to do that soon. I'll send a PM in the next week or so. I practicing to be a butcher. LOL

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Sounds great, I'm excited to get my N3 and toss the clip+ aside. However, I'll be bummed if I can't just pop in my FLAC loaded SD card and go. I can convert to WAV of course, but that would be a pain...

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so If I have the Studio 3rd gens already, should I still consider this?  Are they even in the same league ? 

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