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something that looks good with decent sound quality : just like the first post says. Yes he cares about sound quality.

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Originally Posted by CrispyToast View Post

I want something that looks attractive like the beats,
Some examples of what im goin after:

Polk UltraFocus 8000 NC
Klipsch M40 Mode
Sennheiser HD 598

I'm really going after that futuristic look..the glossy color, preferably white, blue, gray, or black....But doesn't really matter.

If anybody could find me something nice that I can get for under $200, it would be much appreciated(: 

Thanks in advance!


I think your best two options are:

ATH-M50WH -- They are white. They have a rather long cable so you will want to get them from soundprofessionals.com. Get the modified version where they make the cable detachable. Then you can purchase a short straight cable in some nifty color from Amazon.com
That's gunna cost you about 165 dollars total.

The other option that is a little more portable is the S400 by JVC. It comes out in america next month for MSRP 40 bucks. These phones have created quite a stir here on head-fi because they sound much better than they should for 40 bucks. They come in white. If you can't wait till later this month, then you can order from Japan from Amazon but you will have to wait about 8 days for delivery anyway.

In terms of looknig cool, I just saw a pair of the Cityscape Uptowns today and they were pretty neato looking and were SUPER comfy but I didn't have a player on me to test em so you would have to look them up yourself. Really nice looking cans though. 100 bucks. Has ipod control and all that. Silver and brown leather looks cool. Also in black with brown leather look.

Those are my suggestions.
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