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Yulong A800 Mini Class A : Anyone heard anything about this?

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I'm really curious. I'm hoping it might be something like a poor man's version of the AHA-120, such a stellar amp that I wish I still had! It was a Class A amp and part of me hopes that what I find missing in other amps (O2, E9, P4), all of which were quite good, can be found in this A800. From my reading, I think I most miss the dynamics of the AHA-120. (This amp is not portable unlike the others listed above.) The size makes it still transportable: Net size: 6 1/4" L x 4 1/4" W x 1 1/4" H. 


I've had a hard time find anything on this amp and definitely not any reviews. I'm tempted to try it. 

Can anyone make anything of the meager specs that are there? 



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Well, I bought one.


I'll put up a review when it gets here!

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Review? Pics? Come on, we need instant gratification! tongue.gif

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how'd this work out for you imackler?

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Ok, because its pretty obvious from my signature, I'm looking to sell this because I'm trying a couple of portable amps so I can take my HD600 to and from the office. But realistically, I probably shouldn't. This is the best amp I've heard and a shockingly good deal.


This amp is stellar. IMO, It easily beats the O2, E9, P4 and Asgard.I felt the Asgard was pushing too hard and sounded forced. The Yulong A800 is effortless. The Just Audio AHA-120 gives it a run for its money, but at its asking price, the Yulong A800 is clearly a bargain. It has tons of power. Out of the ODAC, you're not even at 9 oclock and getting too loud for the HD650 (though I tend to listen lower than many). Out of an IPOD line out, it's more like 11 oclock and sometimes that is too loud. (And thats with classical!) Its definitely a solid state amp, with lots of clarity and neutrality. Its dynamics are stellar. I have no idea why we haven't heard more about this amp. I'm going to try a couple high end portables but so far I'm coming right back to the Yulong A800 if they don't knock my socks off. The only reason I didn't bring it home from the office is the pain of cords, etc. But my ears have been addicted to this amp. And while great with the ODAC, I find it a killer combo with an ipod classic line out. I think I even like it better my ipod classic than with the ODAC.


I say this cautiously. I think its a giant killer. People said the difference between the AHA-120 and Burson HA-160 were negotiable. I would love to compare this with the Burson HA-160. I've drooled over the Burson. From the descriptions I've read of how the HA-160 sounds, I think Yulong was going for that kind of sound.


You can order it shipped to the US from GrandFidelity for $179. I give my strongest recommendation for it, especially with the HD650/HD600. Its a simple but addicting amp.

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Hey guys, 


I just bought said amp from the above poster. I'll try (I mean try, I'm a bit of an audio newbie) and get a good, detailed review up. Imackler says he loves it, especially with the setup he's got (now all mine!) so I'll go from there. 

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Hi guys,

Will this amp work with low impedance headphones too? And IEMs?

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Originally Posted by sindri1980 View Post

Hi guys,
Will this amp work with low impedance headphones too? And IEMs?



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He also wanted to know the same thing as you. As do I smily_headphones1.gif

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Oh, Ok. I didn't get it smily_headphones1.gif
Well, I just ordered one. Let's see how it sounds.
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I think it is too powerful for iems, especially if you're source is a DAC. I preferred it with a line out from an ipod classic.  This is a powerful amp. I'm guessing it would do really well with low impedance phones though I only had the HD650 with it.

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It should be ok with low impedance IEMs although as with my Objective 2 I can only use about a 1/4 of the total volume maybe slightly less before they get way to loud, Im curious whether there's any hiss with super sensitive IEMs on the Yulong? My shure 535's dont have any hiss on the O2 but Im curious about this amp as I have some hd650's as well.

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Looks like this thread has been inactive for a long time, but I am really interested how this amp sounded like. Do people who liked this amp still stand by it? How about some of the others who bought this?

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Anyone else tried this? Interesting to read that it sounds nicer than O2.. Anyways, found a review in german: http://www.hifi-forum.de/viewthread-110-14251.html translation

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