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SE210 Step-up

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Hello everyone!


A few years ago, I purchased the SE210 after reading up on reviews and deciding that they were the best fit. I was upgrading from the JBL Reference 220, so I very much appreciated the difference in sound quality. Unfortunately they broke approximately a year ago, but I discovered that Futureshop (where I'd bought the 210s) had an agreement with Shure for warranty and I ended up with a pair of SE215s free of charge, no questions asked. Unfortunately, I've felt that the SE215s were a step down from the 210s, with a less defined and more muddied sound, and I've been thinking about switching ever since. I also find the 215s uncomfortable after an hour or so (the very pronounced angle doesn't fit my ear), whereas I could wear the 210s for hours.


Therefore, I'm looking for something at the very least equal to the SE210, though I'm interested in going a few notches higher. I exclusively use them for listening to rock and symphonic music on the bus and in the subway with my Nexus S, so isolation is paramount. I can use them for hours at a time and would rather have something lively than neutral.


I'd considered, obviously, one of the higher tier Shure headphones, but the new shape put me off. My research led me to many different options, but the Westone 3 so far seem to have stood out a bit. I'm not sold on them by any means, but if it helps isolating what I'm looking for...


Price range is very variable, though I'd put my maximum at around 350CAD (give or take). I also need to be able to get them shipped to Canada. I'm open to any suggestions!

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Hey, se210 has been my first headphone too. I bought mine more than 4 years ago and it still works as my portable iem. Glad someone like it as much as I do. As for iem that are similar to the se210, try something with good mids, little bass, and little treble. A iem with those sound quality would surely sound like the se210. Sorry that I cannot think of any iem at this moment.
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my first iem's where also se210 and i liked them very much, but if i listen to them now i cant say that. after the se210 i got the

brainwavz m1: not good build quality, sound was okey, bad isolation

vsonic GR06: good build quality, sound like the se210 with more bass, isolation was not as good as shure

SE535: great build quality, realy love the sound, great isolation.


if isolation is as important for you as it was for me i would suggest to get again a shure, maybe se315 or se415

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I've been going through a ton more reviews and I'm still having quite the hard time deciding. I went through things like the SE425, UM2, UM3X, Westone 3 and even 4R, and my observations lead me to believe it should be between the UM2, UM3X and W3. I'm too worried about Shure's new design not fitting my ear right like the 215s I have now.


My current reading of things is that the UM series is more for professionals and thus tends to have a less fun sound than the W3. On the flip side, both UMs have replaceable cables and the W3 has a mid-bass hump (which, not being all that knowledgeable about audio, I'm not sure I could actually identify). The UM3X are rather pricey (I've found a 20% off coupon at earphonesolutions but that's still 340$ with shipping), so I'd have to know whether they're truly worth the bump up from the W3 and UM2.


My music style is fairly varied, so I'd rather have an all-around pair than something that's suited to a few particular genres, and as I've said I'd rather have something fun than flat.


I'd have two questions about the W3 for those who have owned or still own a pair:

-Does the lack of replaceable cables hurt in the long run? My SE210s died because of the cables, so I'm a bit worried about that point.

-Is the mid-bass hump all that noticeable for a non-trained ear? If so, can it be somewhat minimized by using a simple EQ?


Thanks everyone!

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U can buy "like new=refurbished" SE210 on eBay. Save your money and have a great music with you.
I love SE210 too, they are really great emotional phones with some professional notes.

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The main problem with the se210 is that the cables were not durable enough. The new series fix that issue by using better flexible cables near the ear area and making it replaceable.
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Check out what people say about the FXD70. Its got that similar shape to the 210 and is not colored in the bass dept like the FXD80. And it's inexpensive.
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If 310 now 315, so 310 = 210 with better bass.

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Originally Posted by Berkovajazz View Post

If 310 now 315, so 310 = 210 with better bass

i think its

210 = 310 with better bass

and 310 = 315

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i think its

210 = 310 with better bass

and 310 = 315

Yes )

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Originally Posted by PakoBoy View Post

i think its
210 = 310 with better bass

210 has better bass than 310 or other way round? Y'all are confusing me.
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Originally Posted by Doc-holliday View Post

210 has better bass than 310 or other way round? Y'all are confusing me.

310 has better bass

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