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Originally Posted by Canadian411 View Post

I loved PS1000, to me more has more details than HD800, definitely better bass than HD800.

But I didn't buy because of the ear pads and the price. If it was like in low $1000's then yes !


I appreciate your honesty, still giving the PS1000 credit even though you decided to go with the HD800, wich think are great sounding  headphones,and i agree with you that they're more comfortable than the PS1000, classy post, fellow Canadian.


Originally Posted by bbophead View Post

I think T-1 haters are gaining ground.smile_phones.gif


I have heard most flagship headphones, many years ago, i was even lucky enough to spend an hour with the Senns Orpheus, and i could never say that i hate either of them, to me, they're all different, but good sounding headphones, but in the end, we all have to make a choice, well most of us do anyway.

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Eric23 - Did you make a decision on the cans?  If so, what did you end up with?

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This is a bit of a thread bump. But from what I remember he got both the LCD-2 and the HD800. Good man.

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Haha... pretty much what Twin said above. I ended up getting both the LCD-2 and HD800. For dac I got the dragonfly and amp I got the Schiit Lyr.

If I take the analyzing, or over-analyzing out of it, I found that I "felt" the music the most with the grado PS1000 to be honest. So I feel guilty for not getting it because I felt it was the best sounding in my books. It had kick when necessary and is also very clear and detailed. It was kinda like the best of both worlds between HD800 and lcd-2. But I found the price quite high. I was able to get a discount on the HD800 so I figure for just a few hundred bucks more I pretty much get two headphones vs one PS1000.


I auditioned the 3 headphones for about 4 or 5 days. Initially I tested through the dragon fly to the O2 amp. Through this set up I found the HD800 sounded the least impressive as it sounded flat and thin. The LCD-2 sounded pretty good and the PS1000 sounded the best. This is probably because the PS1000, being lower ohms is a more efficient headphone. I then switched to the Asgaard and my impression of the three is still pretty much the same.


I then switched to the Lyr amp and things changed quite a bit. The HD800 came to life and sounded much more full and alive. I actually found the LCD2 didn't benefit as much from the extra power of the Lyr as the HD800 did. And the PS1000 still sounded great, but the gap was much closer now between it and the hd800 through the Lyr. Overall I would say I still felt the music more with the PS1000 even on the Lyr amp. As I find the PS1000 has good kick and bass, while still be very clear. And I find it's sound stage just right for me. It felt like I was in the band and can hear where my band members are in relation to me on the stage.

Whereas the HD800 soundstage I felt distant like I was sitting in the audience listening. So yeah, when listening to the PS1000 and LCD2 i feel like I'm actually Hendrix playing in the band. With the hd800 i feel like I'm sitting in the audience witnessing Jimi playing. haha... Sorry, was listening to a lot of Little Wing Live when auditioning these headphones that day. haha The LCD2 had nice bass, but I find it's not quite as clear or the high's were a bit lacking. 


I "think" i still liked the PS1000 a bit more out of the 3 in terms of feeling the music, however, the HD800's fuller sound with the Lyr made me think I may not miss the PS1000 quite as much. And I figure I can get the other LCD2 headphone too just for a few hundred bucks more than the price of the PS1000. So might as well go for the two headphones that are very different from eachother to cover the broadest spectrum. haha...

As for LCD2 and HD800. I kind of noticed with the Lyr I tend to listen to the HD800 more often because it sounds quite full with the Lyr, which gives it almost no weakness to my ears. Only small gripe for me is I find the soundstage for the hd800 just a "bit" too distant as I prefer to feel like i'm in the band performing rather than in the audience. haha... But between the hd800 and lcd2 it also depends on what song too. Like for some reason I prefer listening to Gimme Shelter on the LCD2, but Satisfaction sounds better on the HD800 to my ears. haha


lol... sorry for the long post. I know you didn't really ask for a review. But just felt like posting some impressions. haha


Cheers guys. And just want to thank everyone on this board for all the help and input during my decision. You guys know who you are, and a couple of you guys I messaged privately too. Great community we got here! =D

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Wow!  Thank you for your detailed thoughts!  I really appreciate your thoughtful answer.  Sound like you are enjoying both (awesome) cans.  Any plans to add the PS1000 to your collection in the future?  You can never have too many pairs, you know beyersmile.png

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Sup Paulie,


Anytime bro. I just tend to ramble on sometimes. lol


No plans at all to add the PS1000. I really like the headphones a lot. If i was just to get one pair of headphones they would be at the top of the list. But I'm pretty satisfied with having two very contrasting headphones in the hd800 and lcd2 to cover more ground. Also quite happy with some of my other headphones atm for more portable situations. Using the m80 and gr07 for more portable situations.


One reason why i haven't had the itch to pick up the ps1000 is because I haven't really listened to my headphones much (hd800 and lcd2) since I bought them. Been so busy with other things. And haven't always been at home long enough with free time to listen to them. I think another reason is cause my baby niece is always at my place, which means everytime she comes over, I have to unplug and hide my amp and headphones all the time. So i'm often too lazy to reconnect all the gear when I just want a quick listen. haha.. so buying another high end headphone doesn't seem to be worthwhile in my current situation atm.


And since I'm always on the run, I find myself using my m80 and gr07 more often. I think the only thing I'm looking to add in the future to my gear is maybe the Apex Glacier to connect to my note 2 when I'm on the run. BUt i find the $500 price point quite a bit too high for me.


Also for the price of another high end headphone I think i'd be better served putting that money into a nice speaker rig instead. haha... I like headphones a lot, but for some reason I always tend to feel the music more when listening through speakers, even cheap ones. I tend to get over-analytical when i listen through headphones sometimes and I lose sight of enjoying the music, which is really what it should be all about. Be that as it may, at my friend's house listening to Wild Horses through my dragonfly to my m80's as we speak. =D

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