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No IEM is "Perfect"

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Been on this journey 10 years now and have enjoyed the anticipation of every purchase.  The waiting, the opening of the product, the first listen, the break-in....I've loved every minute.


But as much as I have enjoyed so many IEM's,    I have been able to poke a fault at everyone of them in one way or another.  In my long list of ownership of what my ears have heard, the perfect IEM would fall right in between what I heard in JH13 and JH16. As far as a would fall between UM3X and W3.  $400 can buy you an unbelievable quality sound.  Seems odd you have to immediately spend 3X that for a custom. 


Having said that, the $400 JH5 I purchased 2 years ago was the best audio purchase I have made in my lifetime.  It's amazing, period!

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I find the JH5 has poor crossover in the bass and while it sounds pretty good otherwise there is some serious blurring and harshness to the 100 Hz to 350 Hz region.  It was so bad that I could not stand to listen to them for more than a minute or two.  I much prefer the sound of the JH10X3 Pro is what I recommend over the JH5, but if something like the Shure SE535 fits your ear comfortably I would recommend that instead to those looking for a great sounding upper tier IEM.

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I guess we hear differently.  I don't think SE535 can touch JH5 with a 10 foot pole.  Not even in the same league.  As I recently said in a different thread, for $500, a multi-driver universal needs to do more than  provide a decent midrange.  The SE535 extension on bass and treble is feeble for that price range.  At least amped, the JH5 treble is far more airy, open and extended and I owned both at the same time.

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Preference plays huge roles into what we view as perfect as well.  You make a true statement, that nothing is perfect.  Something that will make no IEM perfect, however, is preference.  

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