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For Trade:
In consideration: Beyerdynamic DT1350 for DT880 600ohm

Will Ship To: USA

I've got some fantastic DT1350 with box and case.  They appear perfect apart from a tiny little cosmetic knick on one of the cups.  I think it's just a pin prick dot or something.  I can't even find it right this moment trying to look for it.  Weird... maybe it was a fleck of paint stuck that just fell off.  Anyway, the guy I bought it from on here said it was there and I remember finding it when I hunted for it originally after it arrived.  Oh, here it is.  A little dot divit on the right cup next to the hinge.  Doesn't even change the color.  I just cannot ever get used to the pressure on my ears with these.  I'm not using them enough.  I like the sound, but I think I'd rather try the 880 600ohm.  I already have the 990 Pro, but find the bass sort of mushy and the mids a touch too tame on them.  I also like the KRK 6400, and the 880 600 appears to have a similar response but should sound more open and with lower distortion.  So if anyone's got a pair in similarly very good condition, let me know.  I don't think it's sane for me to buy another pair of headphones with how many I have right now.  I need to actually unload the fostex and 990 at some point, too.