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Thanks but no thanks. I am looking for over the ear headphones.

On another note, I am reading up on the M50s, and some people say they are a little clamp like, and I was wondering if they have improved that since those reviews or will I have to break them in if and when I get them?

M50s = straight cable, M50 = coiled cable. There's also some color variations (black is standard, but you can get white or silver versions also (silver is a limited edition (ATH-M50s/LE), but not a serialized edition)).

Honestly they're clampy, soundstage-less, hot, and average sounding. They do not live up to the hype, and are not remotely close to what I would consider "the best." However if you're used to the Beats Pro (which are also clampy, soundstage-less, hot, and average sounding (mediocre for the price)), they will probably give you more of the same, and you can probably go along happily and post a whole bunch about how insanely good they are because they only cost $140 compared to the $400 Beats. And the hype can continue to grow and newbies can continue to go on believing they're the best headphone ever made in the history of mankind.

Regarding durability - they're about average as far as headphones go. The headband doesn't flex as much as it could, the gimbals and pivots are plastic, creaks and cracks out of the box are normal, the cable feels kind of cheap (and isn't detachable - other Audio-Technica models will not share the same sound). The Beats Pro likely can survive more abuse, and have more replaceable parts. But if you aren't too hard on your gear, the M50 should stand up alright enough.

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but if you want a solid *upgrade*, the M50 are not a good choice. They're (vastly) inferior to the suggestions I've made that would be serious upgrades. But if you want to buy more of the same, for less money, and probably a bit more comfortable - go for it. Your money.