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For Sale:
Denon AH-D7000, Grado RS1i, Beyerdynamic DT-880 600 Ohm, Sennheiser HD-600, V-moda V-80

Will Ship To: USA

Hi All
Continue with my last for sale thread, here are the rest of my headphones for sale.
EDIT: Added the V-80 Pictures

Denon 7000: Bought brand new from Electronics Expo in December 2011. Everything is in brand new condition, pads, cable, cups, no marks, no blemish, no sign of wear. These were one of the top high-end headphones, which unfortunately been discontinued and replaced by the D7100, which sonically wise is not as good as these. Fortunately you can still grab a pair right now from me. Come with original accessories and packaging. Price: $750 shipped SOLD

Grado RS1i: Bought brand new from J&R in December 2011, same time with the Denon. As with all my headphones, these are also in brand new condition, no marks or scratches or blemish, no signs of wear. Come with original accessories and packaging, including the 10ft extension cord, 1/4'' to 1/8'' adapter, and an pair of extra flat pad. Price: $570 shipped
Edited: I got some questions regarding the pads on Grado, so I uploaded some more pictures, they're at the end of the picture list

Beyerdynamic DT-880 600 ohm:: Bought from another member here on head-fi. The original thread is here . These are also in pristine condition, the pads may show a bit of wear, but otherwise in good shape, no marks, no scratches anywhere else. I lost the cover box. These come with travel case as in the picture. Price: $220 shipped SOLD

Sennheiser HD-600: Bought from another member here on head-fi. The original thread is here . Everything is in mint condition, pads, cables, body. No signs of wear, no blemish. Come with original packaging and accessories. Price: 270 shipped SOLD

V-Moda V-80: Pristine condition, pads and cable are in new condition with 1 unused cable, no signs of wear, no marks, no scratches. I bought these back in March from Amazon, will provide receipt if needed. About 40 hours head time. Come with orignial packaging, all accessories included. Price: $145 shipped

I won't ship internationally, USA only. All my headphones will be shipped via FedEx ground, unless requested otherwise.

Feel free to send me an offer. Contact me if you have any questions.

All my headphones are well kept, I have included a picture of my rack to show how my headphones are placed when not used. I switch back and forth between all my headphones so my head time on these are very low.

Reason for selling: Thinning out my collection. Headphones don't get me excited anymore. I'm getting my custom IEM so I don't see I will use these as much either.

I haven't done much sales on head-fi, but a lot on Ebay. Here's my feedback for any one that's wondering

Thanks for looking
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