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Maybe I'm the last person in the world to figure this out. redface.gif


The incredible, fantastic, extensive, Trojan box sets are available on MOG and Spotify.


If you're not familiar with the Trojan box sets, they are compilation box sets of various reggae, ska, dub, rock steady, lovers rock, etc. artists. Most of them are three CD box sets with 50 tracks each by various artists. I purchased most of them in the early 2000's.


I didn't realize until now that they are online on MOG and Spotify. Dumb me.


Anyway, I'm posting this for anyone who has never heard of the Trojan box sets. If you do a search on MOG or Spotify for "trojan" you will find them.


I can't recommend these box sets enough. They are a massive collection of fantastic music. There's something for everyone on these box sets and you could spend days, weeks, or maybe months making your way through the music. If you've never heard this stuff, try listening to a few of them on MOG or Spotify. The Trojan box sets are a treasure-trove of great music!


Here's a screen shot from MOG to show you what I'm talking about. On MOG, just search for "trojan" and then click the "albums" tab: